For many people, the bathroom represents a wonderful sanctuary inside their home, so any change in that room that you may have in mind can provide great satisfaction.

But before you get started you need to know that for a job well done you’ll need time, patience, and above all a budget according to your needs.

And so, being aware of the enormous help that is knowing the market and prices, we leave you with the 10 steps you must keep in mind when budgeting your bathroom renovation.

1.- Define what you want to do and what your budget is

The first thing you must know before you start renovating your bathroom is precisely what you want to do and, even better, how much money you’ve got to make the project a reality. According to those two things, you’ll be able to adjust your budget and you’ll know what to look for and where to find it.

2.- Detail in depth everything you want to change

Perhaps you need to change doors and windows, install a new bathtub, put in beautiful fixtures or simply repair the shower. In short, to define your expenses you’ll need to know how thorough you want your bathroom renovation to be. You can either choose a simple yet high-quality job or go with a more in-depth one and do a total renovation.

Baño reformado

3.- Materials you’re going to use in the renovation

It’s a very important point when it comes to adding up your costs. If you’ve already chosen the type of renovation, you’ll be able to calculate an approximation of the materials you’ll need to get started. Choose between glass or wood, but also between the types of paint or tile.

4.- Think of the quality

Of course, the brand and quality of the chosen materials for your renovation will affect the budget. If you compare between several models, you’ll be able to pick the one that best fits your needs and, above all, your finances.

5.- Labour costs are essential when budgeting

It’s essential to include qualified labor in your budget. When it comes to that, you’ll spend according to the number of workers you hire, their hourly rates, and the time it’ll take for them to complete your bathroom renovation.

6.- Define your style

If you want to get your dream bathroom, take good care of the style and finishes. If you’re aiming for exclusivity, adjust your budget accordingly, as you’ll likely have to invest in furniture, glass, tiles, and other quality materials to make your bathroom look like the ones you’ve seen in magazines.

7.- Look at several options

You probably want to put your renovation work in expert hands, so before you pick a specialized company you should evaluate in detail each option and the rates they’re offering.

8.- Unforeseen expenses

Undergoing any renovation, simple as it may seem, comes with indirect charges depending on the kind of renovation. Also, it’ll be better to prepare for any eventuality to avoid future headaches.

9.- Hire a professional

If numbers aren’t your forte or you don’t have much time, you have the option to hire an architect or an interior designer to help you plan the bathroom design and its budget. Surely their support will be ideal to get an excellent result.