When we are considering to remodel to our home it’s advisable to look at examples of renovations of apartments like ours, to be inspired, see results and to give us an idea of prices.

A renovation can bring new life to a home, create new spaces and marvellously improve our style of life. Big changes like these can seem intimidating, but you shouldn’t worry, it could be far easier than you think.

A renovation project consists of making lots of decisions, like the style of decoration, the colours, the furniture that we’ll include. In short, everything related to the design of the new house.

You can make these decisions for yourself, more to make sure the result will be just what you want, the most recommendable thing to do is take the time to consult with a specialist in Renovations, a company with experience and professionals ready to help you.

Here at VB Reformas integrales we offer you the best advice and in this instalment we want to fill you with inspiration by showing you 3 finished renovation projects of 70m2 which serve as an example to our dedicated work and what can be achieved with a home renovation.

Industrial loft style renovation

Industrial loft style renovation

This style of renovation is one of VB Reformas integrales specialties. The trend of decoration with industrial style is booming thanks to how its allows to take advantage of the beauty of an old rustic space, giving it a modern, industrial touch.

This renovation is one of our flagship remodels and its budget was 85.000.

We begin with the basic details of the job. The apartment, initially had only 50m2 but with an appropriate redistribution of space, it was possible to transform the home in a duplex of 70m2, with two bedrooms, complete bathroom, washroom, a large open-plan kitchen, dressing room, living room with a balcony.

It is worth noting that the selection of materials and the type of finishings are very important aspects to keep in mind. Concrete, cast iron and types of untreated rustic wood were all used throughout the custom made enclosures in the installed parquet flooring.

The architectural elements were also something key to take advantage of in this job. After all, the origin of this style comes from the transformation of old industrial buildings into housing. To manage to expose these elements gives an excellent result, in this work, it is appreciated in the exposed brick walls.

The prominent colours in this job are neutral colours, characteristic of this style. Solid blacks and whites maintain a strong contrast with different scales of brown, grey and ochre that give a hint of warmth.

Of course, we must not forget great natural lighting which was considered throughout the entire project with the addition of large windows. This element is essential to achieve harmony in the final result.

Renovation of apartment Aribau

aribau renovation

With this job, it was of special priority to keep the original elements present in the structure of the 81m2 apartment, as it had a Catalan dome type of roof. This characteristic charm of Barcelona could not be lost during this renovation.

That is why including false ceilings was avoided and the electrical, plumbing and air-conditioning systems were installed through ducts that do not deteriorate the original architectural aspect of the apartment.

The carpentry that was carried out on this renovation job was made to measure, creating countertops for the bathroom by hand using oak, maintaining special detail to the curves and original shapes. Kitchen furniture with a fine finish was also created. The bathroom was completed with a natural stone sink, an original touch and a pleasant space filled with personality.

The style used for the decoration was the product of a fusion between modern and rustic styles. With a great handling of the elements of each style, a balance between rustic wooden furniture and warm colours of a rural style was achieved with the modern style of the floor, walls and cabinets using texture and materials.

As you can see, the final result is a home in harmony, visually united that utilises the simple style of modernism and the prominence of the rustic style.

This beautiful remodel had a total budget of 75.000.

Renovation of apartment Call, classified farm

call renovation after and before

In this third project, we worked with an apartment of 71m2, located at the heart of the gothic neighbourhood and with a budget of 28.000. The challenge of this remodel was to work under the regulations of the city council, since it is a property listed with historical value, while still fulfilling, of course, the wishes of the client.

It was necessary to add beams and structural reinforcements in order to redistribute the housing space better. Subsequently, split air conditioning and heating were installed with special care not to damage the original elements of the house.

In order to keep the structure as original as possible, the original beams were maintained and any item that was badly damaged was restored. This restoration process brings value to the home and requires experience and technique by specialists, as in this case, the VB Reformas integrales team is more than qualified for this task.

Not only was a change made to all electrical and plumbing installations, but the furniture was custom made and natural oak furniture was adapted, which was the main material in all spaces.

With the use of wood as the main material, a warm, cozy, organic and aesthetic colour palette is achieved. The different shades of wood were mixed to a strong contrast of black and white that is especially noticeable in the kitchen and bathroom.

As you can see, space is not a problem in these homes if an appropriate redistribution of space is carried out and excellent natural lighting is maintained.

During the renovations, however, the guidelines of municipalities and licenses are followed while preserving original elements of the apartment to maintain the personality of the home and give value to the real estate.

In our renovation projects we value our dedication, attention to detail and quality product of years of experience and preparation. Contact us to consult any renovation work, get your free estimate and advice on the remodel of your apartment.

Can we help to recharge your inspiration? Do not forget to leave your opinion.

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