Renovations of 100m2 are large projects that can completely change your home and adjust it to your needs and taste. It requires meticulous planning to be sure that you will achieve the best possible result, as well as a lot of inspiration.

To give you inspiration and ideas of the changes that are possible, we bring you in this instalment three completed examples of renovations in 100m2 homes. These jobs were carried out on the part of the professionals at VB Reformas Intergrales.

To help with your doubts, we will also indicate the total budget of every renovation. The budget and the time that the form takes can vary according to many aspects, even so, seeing some examples can help you to make your own estimations and comparisons.

Without further ado, we hope that these renovation jobs allow you to learn about current trends and facilitate the undertaking of your project.

Caravela la Niña Renovation

This fabulous Caravela la Niña renovation consisted of an apartment of 140m2, located in Sarriá Sant Gervasi district. The total cost of this renovation was 79.767€.


The work began with a redistribution of space, where an old partitioning wall was taken out to give more space. In addition, reinforcements were made to the structure to have a more open distribution of space.

As for the installation work, sound insulation was improved by incorporating a false ceiling. New plumbing, sanitation network, split air conditioning, gas heating and home automation were also installed, improving functionality.

The furniture put in the kitchen and bathroom were made to measure and the home appliances were chosen by the client.

The selected decoration style leaned towards a monochrome minimalist mix where great elegance is maintained. Thanks to the shades of white, it is possible to give an impression of a large space, while thanks to the contrast with shades of black, it is possible to create dimension and balance.

Muntaner Renovation

In this case, the Muntaner Renovation was done to an apartment located in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood, with dimensions of 148m2.


Initially, the apartment partitioning wall was demolished in order to completely redistribute the rooms. We continued to renovate all the floorings and made new installations of plumbing, electricity and air conditioning.

For the interior, the furniture was made to measure for areas like the kitchen and bathroom. A minimalist design was preferred, it’s to say, it accommodated a spacious environment with the minimum necessary.

This minimalist design together with the open spaces creates a perception that the rooms are larger. The colour palette used consists of a lot of white as the predominant base colour, placed in contrast to neutral colours and natural wood tones.

As an added touch, including an exposed white brick wall, along with different textures on the walls achieves a slight touch of industrial design that only complements the final design with personality.

The total budget for this Renovation was 65,132€. As you can see, it is a design that highlights a harmonious, relaxing and balanced environment that is not easy to achieve. In the VB Reformas Integrales team we have years of experience adapting different styles according to projects and are able to take any concept to the next level.

Ronda Sant Antoni Renovation

In this third case, VB Reformas Integrales was in charge of the Ronda Sant Antoni comprehensive reform of a 138 m2 apartment located in El Raval neighborhood, Barcelona.

One of the client’s wishes was to create a Provencal-French style, which involved creating light, highly functional and versatile environments. To achieve this, a colour palette with a predominant variety of shades of white was used. The result is the creation of a cozy and warm room.

Another special aspect of this project is that it was desired to preserve and restore original structural aspects of the house, as they are ancient, with characteristic elements of this type of Valencian farm dating from 1936. This decision provides a unique character to the house and increases its value as property.

To achieve this, structural reinforcements were added to reinforce the structure of the house and the cracks caused by the wear and tear of so many years were repaired with stitching.

Part of the original vaulted ceiling of the house was exposed that was hidden behind a false ceiling. This characteristic ceiling together with the exposed brick walls gives the whole room a pleasant rustic touch. The present fireplace, which was built together with the original estate, was also completely restored

Part of the floor of the house also needed restoration with careful polishing, since it was the original hydraulic floor. This type of floor is valuable and has an important historical trajectory since its creation was inspired by the modernist style between the 30s and 40s and was incorporated into most of the important houses and buildings of the time.

New electrical and plumbing installations were made. A ducted air conditioning with hot / cold pump was conditioned. Carpentry work was also carried out, which was useful for restoring the exterior carpentry of the estate, as well as for the installation of new solid doors for the interior. Lastly, custom-made furniture and appliances were added to the home.

This project had a total budget of € 137,132€. Managing each restoration job was a top priority to ensure this formidable home regained some of its original features with a touch of modernization.

We hope that these projects have served as great inspiration and guides for your future projects. In the same way, they are a small sample of the impeccable work that a renowned company like VB Reformas Integrales can achieve. We recommend you contact us to find out the budget of your dream home renovation project.

What detail caught your attention the most about these projects? Let us know your opinion!

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