In this article we’re going to show you 3 examples of renovations between 80 and 90 m2 that we have done here at VB Reformas; to inspire.

To design and remodel a home requires much inspiration and knowledge to get the best out of the spaces. It may be the opportunity to create your dream home.

When it comes to renovating a home, many changes can be made, such as layout, design, style and endless details that will ultimately make it a completely new place.

Now, you may carry out your own renovation project, although in these jobs experience plays an important role and having a renovation company to count on may be the best short and long-term solution.

So before you start this adventure alone, we recommend that you see 3 renovation and interior design jobs in Barcelona carried out by us, the professionals at VB Reforma integrales. In this way, you can better plan your renovation and see the advantages of having a trustworthy renovation company to count on.

1.- Passeig de Sant Joan Renovation

In this example of the Passeig de Sant Joan Renovation, the VB Reformas Integrales team worked with an apartment of 94m2, located in the Gracia district of Barcelona.

Part of the objective for the renovation was to achieve an elegant Moscow inspired style. A Russian inspired style with an opulent and classic look was created to achieve all of that elegance.

pso sant joan renovation

Sophisticated elements were incorporated into the wall paper on this decor, with lighting from elaborate chandeliers and stylish furniture. The use of high quality materials such as marble and brocade upholstery give it a suitable finish for this ostentatious style.

To improve the functionality of the house, electrical installation, air conditioning and polished marble floors were fitted.

Additionally, carpentry was included both indoors and outdoors.

The apartment was modernised with the installation and programming of the home automation system. As you can see, it was a full project that led to a complete style overhaul.

These finishes and execution of inspiration is something that a team of specialists like the one available at VB Reformas Integrales can achieve with the best management of a budget of 155,600.00 euros.

2.- Ático Mallorca Renovation

In this example of the Ático Mallorca renovation the project was to remodel an attic of 84m2, located in L’Eixample.

In this case it was necessary to redistribute the layout since more open spaces were desired. For this, the use of partition walls were eliminated, achieving a feeling of ample space.

mallorca renovation

As for the installation work, it was necessary to fit new plumbing, electrical, heating and air-conditioning duct installations.

After improving the basic aspects we continued to design and build wooden furniture for the kitchen, bathroom and living room bar. The doors both interior and entrance to the house, and to the head of the bed were also adapted according to the design.
The finishes of these jobs are perfect and the project was carried out on time by the specialists at VB Reformas integrales who were in charge of keeping the project according to budget and schedule.

What was the style chosen for this design? The exquisite finishes and colour pallet that you see is a product of the mixture of two styles; modern and retro.

The retro style was made using a palette rich in striking colours such as ocher royal blue. It also uses a mixture of contrasts achieved with different materials between textiles and metal surfaces. Geometric figures, glass and aluminium are included in the lighting and ornamental elements.

In contrast, the model style emerges with the straight and simple lines present in the furniture, the neutral and solid colours are used in contrast in the bedrooms with the inclusion of materials such as glass in different elements.

In total, the project required a budget of 51,500.00 Euros, with these styles together you can see that opposites can be in accord and create an excellent design. The use of wood on the floors was ideal to add harmony to the Mallorca penthouse.

3. Aribau apartment renovation

In this third project, the renovation of the Aribau apartment located in the centre of L’Eixample was remodelled, it was desired that the 81m2 flat should retain its characteristic Barcelona charm; which is one of the best features of these estates.

So the structural elements were preserved, mainly the roofs as they are so characteristic of this zone. Conserving and keeping this type of roof visible requires proper maintenance and restoration.

aribau renovation 90m2

A mistake that many make is to save these repairs by covering them with false roofs, what you should know is that this measure is counterproductive since you would be eliminating, along with the original roof, the value of the property.

In addition the renovation of the electrical and plumbing installations was carried out and the ducted air conditioning was adapted. With carpentry work, the bathroom and kitchen furniture was custom made, including the creation of unique sinks from natural stone.

The design style used in the remodel of this apartment was also a mixture of opposites, where rustic and modern styles were used in perfect measure.

To achieve the perfect measure of rustic style natural materials such as stone and wood were included. The contrasting textures between smooth walls and visible brick walls also add a rustic feel.

The modern style was included with smooth textures present in the floor and different metallic elements with a neutral and metallic colour palette, the total budget for this renovation was 75,000.00 Euros.

These projects show great experience in trends, styles and knowledge of materials. VB Reformas Integrales is a company with years of experience, capable of not only fulfilling your projects but surpassing your expectations.

Just by contacting us you can know the detailed budget you need to start this long-awaited renovation of your home. Having a team of specialists saves you risk and ensures you a home with perfect finishes.

Did you like the style combinations of these apartments? Don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comments.

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