The 4 trends in interior decoration in 2019

Do you want to know which are the trending styles in interior decoration for 2019? Which of them is the best to decorate your home? In this post we’ll describe them for you in detail and we’ll give you the details of each of them.

Interior decoration gives style and personality to your home, where your tastes and hobbies are reflected as well as the aesthetic you want for it. In the same way this art brings out the attractive features and spaces in your home.

Choosing the style of interior decoration to fit your home can be a bit complicated, as you don’t just have to keep in mind your own tastes or preferences.

You also need to include some factors in that choice which can improve or harm the image you’re looking for. Dimensions, interior divisions, climate and location are some of the ones you must keep in mind when you’re making up your mind between one style or another.

That’s why we’ll name and explain the types of interior decoration which are trending in 2019, to ease your choice:

1. Minimalist

Minimalism or minimalist decoration tries to simplify as much as possible the aesthetic and details, leaving aside everything that’s not essential for the image.

The 4 trends in interior decoration in 2019

However, minimalist style is one of the most widely used, as it brings out simplicity giving an air of elegance to the spaces, using very attractive materials:

Textiles: rugs in entryways and living rooms, with colourful antique designs, as well as curtains in light colors, give the home a touch of elegance and a castle style.

Wood: this is one of the most used materials in this style, as it reflects the old minimalist art, being one of the main elements of the interior decoration.

Ceramic: tiles in lively colours and minimalist designs are always present in this style, in floors as well as some walls. This element is one of the most characteristic in minimalist interior decoration.

All these materials have something in common, they try to reflect an eye-catching antique and elegant style present in some castles and luxurious houses from yesteryear.

Keeping space and depth at its core, the main characteristic of minimalist decoration is the feeling of large spaces even in homes with reduced dimensions.

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2. Industrial Style

This style born in the city of New York in the 50s emerges from the trends of that time where industrial buildings were renovated to turn them into very cosy homes.

This activity was increasingly used in different parts of the world until it turned into one of the most popular styles, known in the city by the name of Lofts.

The 4 trends in interior decoration in 2019

The main feature in interior decoration in this style are the open spaces with few divisions, with details which are seldom natural but very attractive.

Using very simple elements such as pipes in plain sight, the great indiscriminate use of natural and artificial light, as well as the use of bare walls showing the brick work.

The industrial style

Based upon bare factory structures, showing off their building materials without hiding or masking them. This type of interior decoration is ideal for flats in loft styles or with very large dimensions and open spaces.

3. Nordic style of decoration

As its name implies, this style was born in Scandinavian countries in the 50s. Its main features are based upon the high temperatures in said countries.

Thus, natural light and the comfort of all available spaces is its main particularity. In this way, it’s usual to see light colours, neutrals and white in this type of interior decoration.

Textiles are also very widely used in Nordic decoration, woolen and linen rugs, as well as textiles in warm fur to bring elegance and warmth to the home.

Woods are an essential element in Nordic style. It plays a very important part in the image of this kind of homes, as it reminds us of the forest huts in countries such as Sweden or Norway.

This is a style that’s gained many fans in recent years, and it’s currently a trend for interior decoration in the year that’s just begun.

4. Mediterranean style

This is one of the styles that represent us and uses our contemporary culture and architecture born in the Mediterranean centuries ago.

The elements that characterize this type of interior decoration reflect the personality and aesthetic of the houses and buildings of the Mediterranean area.

The 4 trends in interior decoration in 2019

Said elements are the following: walls with steps, wooden beams, arches, vaulted ceilings, tiles and of course stone.

Predominant colours in this style are white and light hues, which contrast with natural tones of the stone and wood, giving a very nice atmosphere to the home.

Each of them is a part of a truly beautiful and attractive architecture, which is trending in the year that’s just begun.


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