If you need to renovate your living room and you think a some advice would be good to have, in this post we’ll show you the 5 keys to renovate your living room and get extraordinary results.

The living room is one of the most active areas of the home. In fact, it’s the main place to entertain visitors, have conversations, eat, and relax.

Thus, it’s one of the most important spaces, as through it we can reflect or show our interests and tastes. It’s also the reference point for the whole style of the flat or house.

After investigating trends, architecture, interior design and decoration, we’ve chosen 5 keys to renovate the living room which we see as the best we can offer.

With the following keys you’ll be able to get an elegant living room, with an enjoyable ambience, comfortable and cosy, without needing to spend a fortune to achieve it.

The walls, the most useful element

The living room is a very active area, so it must be as comfortable and cosy as possible. To achieve this we need to create a very well-lit ambience with open spaces.

For example, including a window would be an excellent option to let natural light in. However, in some cases this is not possible. In this case, using light tones in the walls or colours which contrast with the furniture and objects around, creates the feeling of a bigger space even if the dimensions are small.

The furniture and its importance

Renovating a living room isn’t just a matter of re-structuring or modifying spaces. It’s also about concepts, creating an enjoyable environment for the people living at home as well as visitors. That’s why furniture is so important.

Furniture, cushions, curtains, etc. are the objects which will give the living room a personality, so the colours of the walls, floor and ceiling need to create an ambience which combines and compliments them.

Vintage furniture in dark colours, placed in the centre od the living room, is one of the most used trends these days. In the same way, making said furniture circle a minimalist rug would result in an excellent contrast with light-toned walls.

The ceiling and its influence

This element is one of the ones which go unnoticed in every space, however painting the ceilings completely white enhances the lighting and depth when it comes to the space, highlighting the contrast between furniture and walls.

This results in a much cosier ambience due to the depth and lighting effect which the white ceiling provides, this being a widely used living room renovation.

The floor, as simple as possible

Renovations in the living room don’t usually include floors unless their materials are worn or completely damaged.

However, when they’re included, the latest trends lean towards using pavements with pictures or designs in dark colours which will not distort the contrast with the furniture. This is to avoid overloading the living room environment and to make it simpler.

Imagen principal Via Laietana

The distribution of the available space

This is the most important part to keep in mind when it comes to renovating the living room, as it will affect the size and position of the furniture, the colours, the objects, etc.

We need to know how much space we have available to properly distribute and choose the elements to renovate or include in said renovation. The available space will give us the size and distribution of each object we’ll integrate in the space.

reforma sala estar

An L-shaped cabinet in a corner, or several pieces of furniture in the centre of the room are just two examples of how a living room renovation can change due to its size.

To do a renovation in your living room, you need to keep in mind these 5 keys to avoid any disappointments and so you can make the most out of both your budget and the available space.

Doing this kind of renovation isn’t complicated when you can find the correct advisor. Do you already have a more specific idea of how to renovate your living room?

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