There are different renovations to do in small flats which can improve and even enlarge spaces in this kind of home, in this post I’ll explain which ones they are, and how you can use them to get surprising results.

Space doesn’t matter

You don’t need to have large spaces to turn your home into a cosy place which at the same times has an image whose ambience is pleasing to the eye.

To do this all you need are professionals to advise you and guarantee they’ll do the small flat renovations you need to give your home a radical renovation.

Now I’ll explain the most requested 5 renovations for small flats, which are already trending in the current year:

1. Renovations to expand

It’s all about making changes to make the space feel larger, avoiding an overload of your home’s environment. Among these renovations we can find the following “tricks”:

  • Painting the ceilings and walls in light colours to give them more depth. This achieves a feeling of large and open spaces.
  • Changing the floor colours to use lighter hues which reflect light.
  • It’s important to eliminate unnecessary furniture and clutter from your flat, as you must make the most out of every available space.

2. Natural light, minimalists’ secret

One of the main renovations to do in small flats is opening new windows, as they allow light and air into the flat. They can be placed in corridors with smaller sizes.

small bright flat

To give a feeling of more space in closed places, it’s an excellent option to boost the sources of natural light, using windows and glass doors, as well as opening windows to let the sunlight in.

3. Decrease divisions

Internal divisions in a flat can give you the freedom to create different ambiences with their respective personalities. However, said divisions also decrease the available space.

natural light

In small flats, it’s best to not use divisions. On the contrary, you should combine ambiences such as kitchen and sitting room, resulting in a more intimate and familiar environment.

Doing away with walls which limit different areas of the home is a great option when it comes to renovations in small flats, as it allows you not only to significantly enlarge the space, but also to use a more open decoration.

4. Sliding doors

Sliding doors allow you to use all the available space in the flat’s rooms. They’re also very comfortable and attractive, with glass being the best option as it lets natural light through them.

psliding doors

5. Double heights, a way to use the space

When doing renovations in small flats, creating two heights on the ceiling allows you to not only get more space to store your belongings in modular furniture, but also to create the appearance of more space and height, which added to the use of light colours gives it a lot of depth.

Renovations in a small flat

To do the appropriate renovations in a small flat, you need to count on a company which will make your choices easy when it comes to the use and limits of the available space.

Getting advice before you start the renovation is very important, as it can save you money and time. They can also help you avoid inconveniences and dissatisfaction once the renovations are finished.

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