The trend in terrace renovations has a lot to do with serenity. The design aims to contribute with values of peace and quiet although the terrace is the right place to be outdoors, to have vermouth, to celebrate parties or meals or to chat on a summer night.

If you are thinking of renovating your terrace and don’t know where to start or where to get organised, we recommend you to create a checklist for renovating your terrace.

Below we suggest 5 styles of terraces for you to reform your terrace with charm.

1. Minimalist

The natural surroundings can be used to create a minimalist terrace and make the most of the charming view of the surroundings. The terrace has no ornamentation, no decoration and prevents anything from over in the decoration.

The wooden ceiling and furniture created from branches and sticks will give the feeling of being part of the environment. In this type of terrace, simple but functional elements ensure that the focus is more on the outside (plants and trees) and less on the design.

An example of such a refurbishment is a terrace in Naples, Italy, designed by Allegra Hicks who created a serene terrace with beautiful vegetation and a bamboo canopy that meets the minimalism standard of less, is more.

2. Nordic style

Romanticism takes on importance on a terrace where white floods the entire space to create lighting. Vases, candles and paintings are perfect decorative elements for a Nordic space.

Inspired by the cold countries, you can have a terrace that includes a kitchen with an integrated wood-burning oven; perfect for bringing the whole family together. The key is to include sliding door options to make the atmosphere warmer. picture

3. Boho Chic

It incorporates a wooden, wicker or cardboard pergola and mixes colours and styles in the design to create a chic boho space.

You can use cushions, carpets, pouffe with ethnic details without any particular rule. In addition, for lighting you can not only incorporate ceiling lamps, you can also use lanterns, individual bulbs, light garlands and hanging light bulbs are viable options with which to achieve this style.

The boho chic style is about freedom, everything is welcome and as for the palette the idea is that you don’t have a base, but that you combine everything without a problem. You can incorporate pink and brown and at the same time, yellow, green and blue.

4. Country

Construct a wooden platform to raise the terrace area slightly above the ground. Lightweight chairs, wooden benches and a rectangular table in the middle create an elegant outdoor dining room. The country style is perfect for rustic souls and is about combining the classic with the elegant.

Pots with plants will act as decorative elements of the entire patio area. In cold climates, you can make a renovation including a fireplace.

Antiques and small decorative details take centre stage in this style. A concrete fireplace with a table and chairs decorated with pillows will be perfect.

5. Art Deco style

This is an inspiring terrace. It uses a platform made of materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. For decoration, take advantage of the natural sunlight to create a design with different styles but that is modern, use comfortable armchairs and a simple coffee table with white pillows.

The ceiling can be made with juxtaposed beams, giving a flat and wide texture. Two ceiling fans are used for cooling and to avoid the closing of the space, i.e. the air circulation will follow.