Looking for ideas for home remodeling a modernist apartment is very useful to prevent common problems that arise in this style of floors and how to solve them.

Renovating a flat can be a very exciting experience, it’s time to decide to change your environment and create a new and more functional one.

However, many people like to keep aspects of the original home because it allows it to maintain more character and is aesthetically pleasing.

How to renovate a modernist flat properly?

It is not trivial simply to preserve these characteristics. Doing a home remodeling of a modernist flat requires experience and a good knowledge of what adjustments are necessary.

That’s why we give you some great ideas for home remodeling a modernist apartment and be prepared for this great project.

1.- Open and illuminated spaces

A frequent change that currently arises when it comes to home remodeling modernist flats is the need to unify spaces.

The classic modernist apartments, in addition to having large windows and colorful spaces, have long corridors with clearly separated dining, kitchen and living areas.

ideas for home remodelling in Barcelona


This distribution is not practical and nowadays it is preferred to have more continuous and united spaces since that allows everyone to socialize easily at any time and improve comfort.

Therefore, the first idea for home remodeling that we give you is to think about the redistribution of spaces.

Yes, you will need to tear down some walls taking great care not to eliminate the essence of the house and that is why you need professional advice to do it properly without damaging its charm.

To learn more about the essence of modernist apartments, we invite you to get to know more about one of Barcelona’s best-known districts, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi house remodelling guide.

2.- Consider adding more baths

Among your plans for home remodeling, especially in Barcelona, is planning to add more bathrooms. Why? Hygiene and personal care weren’t such a priority decades ago, just a few bathrooms was enough.

bathroom idea for home remodelling


At present, walk-in closets bathrooms are a very convenient comfort to have in the master bedroom, as well as incorporating complimentary full bathrooms, are important to add to improve the live quality.

3.- Improve thermal and acoustic insulation

Years ago, there were no materials available to make a good insulation to the annoying noises of the street, so it is not surprising that this is a necessity when remodeling apartments in Barcelona.

If you live in Barcelona in fact acoustic insulation is perhaps as important as or more important than thermal insulation. Does that seem excessive to you?

Consider the mild climate of Barcelona and how busy the street can be, you need silence for a good rest and privacy. Don’t underestimate the importance of insulation when doing home remodeling in Barcelona.

4.- The necessary work of changing the facilities

The modernist apartments that will be renovated can have beautiful false ceilings and pavements that it is probable that you want to preserve but it is necessary that you think about something important: The facilities.

The facilities are the functional heart of the house; we talk about pipes, telecommunications and wiring. These require renovations if so many years have passed.

You shouldn’t be tempted to keep the deficient facilities. It is important to replace old components such as lead or iron pipes even if this means removing some false ceilings.

That is why hiring a home remodeling company is vital to analyze the quality of the ceilings ornamental false ceilings and propose a work strategy that keeps as much as possible intact.

If you want to learn more ideas on how to deal with facility change while preserving a modernist essence, we invite you to learn about the unique style of  Poblenou home remodelling guide.

5.- Treatments for hydraulic floors

This type of hydraulic mosaic is perhaps one of the greatest characteristics of a modernist apartment and these have a historical value that is worth preserving.

There is a growing tendency to conserve this type of floor when home remodeling an apartment in Barcelona, so different recovery works have been devised by specialized techniques.

A specialist is required to assess the type of pavement, diagnose its state of conservation and propose how to recover it. For example, it can be polished and polished to recover its former glory and value.

6.- Yes to recycling, no to imitations

This idea for modernist home remodeling is a key. We recommend that you resist using imitations of the original pieces of decoration of the time, because they devalue completely all the decoration and the essence of the apartment.

It is very different however, if some imitation pieces allow us to obtain information of how the original piece was but we should not use it as a substitute.

On the other hand, getting genuine pieces in demolition stores can be a great source of original materials from the era.

If you have in mind a project for modernist home remodeling in Barcelona, you can count on our excellent work and experience inVB Reformes Integrals for these and many more ideas.

Share your opinion or doubts with us!

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