6 keys to renovating your kitchen in a minimalist style

The principle of minimalism is to achieve a better design through simplicity of materials, object, space and form. If you like the idea of having a minimalist kitchen, there are some things to consider in your renovation.

1. Less, it’s more

Minimalism aims to keep things simple. But the simplification of design does not imply its absence. The challenge is to avoid wanting to decorate everything with unnecessary little details. Choose base and top cabinets with solid door panels and optimize every corner for storage.

2. Keep most things out of sight

Probably the most important factor is to keep your kitchen free of clutter. A place for everything and everything in its place. Smart storage solutions for hidden appliances, litter bins and other utilities are essential for a clean, uncomplicated look.

Minimalism is traditionally associated with open spaces, but if you can’t have a spacious kitchen, try to emulate it by limiting items in exposed areas and on shelves.

6 keys to renovating your kitchen in a minimalist style

Keep in mind that the shelves in sight are nice, but sometimes they are very long and full to the brim, which makes the atmosphere feel busy and messy.

If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen cupboards to store everything, and you just can’t get rid of some kitchen utensils, try to keep them in a closet that you can place outside the kitchen.

3. Think monochromatically

Choose a simple monochrome color palette, and if you want to add color, do it modestly. Not all items should be exactly the same color, but keeping them in a family will give you a cleaner, more minimalist look.

Although minimalism tends to prefer monochrome and neutral, a simple color palette can also achieve the same look, remember that the only rule is to decide according to functionality.

4. Clean lines

Minimalist style is unimpeded, so it’s essential to keep the lines of your minimalist kitchen clean and crisp. Solid shape cubes are another trademark of minimalism, further accentuating squares and rectangular shapes.

5. Introduce bright white light

What every kitchen needs, as much as a knife, is a good light. Of course, a large large window, where perfectly clear natural light filters through during the day, helps a lot, but for the nightly task of cooking dinner you will always need a good white light.

The soft yellow light bulbs, ideal for creating a pleasant atmosphere are not the right ones when it comes to cooking as it is essential to see details. One option is ceiling lamps; they are modern and take up less space.

6. Materials

Minimalism celebrates the beauty of materials, so choosing the right textures and surfaces is essential to design. Using exposed concrete or wood grain itself has precious qualities.

Also, some excellent materials for a minimalist style are wood, concrete or quartz countertops. With these alternatives you will feel a warm atmosphere and will not need to decorate it with anything else.

7. Minimalist kitchen tools

Creating a minimalist kitchen from a remodel is a good tactic as it gives you a clean slate. Since you’ve already removed all the objects from view, this is a good time to review and see what you need to keep.

Minimalist style is excellent for improving the appearance and performance of your home, especially in the kitchen. Evaluate different ways you can clear up clutter and make better use of the space you have in your kitchen by taking into account the above recommendations for material, shape and color. Hands on the job!


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