Familiarize yourself with the most common mistakes you can make when renovating a balcony, so you save yourself both trouble and money.

Having a beautiful balcony is the dream of many, and such a dream is within your reach if you do the right kind of renovation. For this purpose, it’s a good idea to have in mind several factors before starting such a project, including possible mistakes you could make in the process. Thus, we have prepared for you a list with the most common mistakes you can make when doing a balcony renovation so you can familiarize yourself with them, and avoid them!


1. Not having a defined budget

A mistake that you surely want to avoid is starting a renovation project without having defined very clearly how much money can you set aside for said project.

Messing this up can cause you serious trouble later on, as you could end up going overboard buying materials in the name of creativity, which translates in you spending way too much money. Depending on your current situation, that could seriously affect your finances.

It’s recommended that you consult with experts, and ask them for different budgets before you start your balcony renovation project – that way you will be completely aware of how much money you are spending on your project, and if this amount is appropriate or not given your financial situation.

Don’t forget that once the budget is decided you have to stay within it, and that you should avoid unexpected changes as much as possible.



2. Not taking into account installing a good water drainage system

Balconies are open spaces, which means they are exposed to the outside weather, and thus need to be designed with this in mind. Thus, you can’t forget to install a proper drainage system.

In general, many people forget to design well the water drainage of their balcony in order to avoid flooding, and only start thinking about it when they lament finding their balcony flooded with water after a rainy night.


3. Ignoring relevant permits and laws

To overlook your legal duties can lead to tiresome situations that nobody wants to go through, such as the filing of complaints, reclamations, and even a costly visit to the courtroom.

We strongly suggest that you take the time to make sure all the necessary permits you need to do your balcony renovation are in order, especially if you are going to do structural modifications to the balcony, and you need permission from the community to do it.

If dealing with these legal procedures is not your thing, you could entrust these procedures to the contracting company that will do your renovation project, so they make sure all legal matters regarding your renovation are under control. This, assuming your contracting company offers this service.


4. Not choosing materials of good quality

Trying to save a bit of money is ok, but cutting corners when choosing the materials you will use for your renovation can result in a beautiful balcony… that won’t stay beautiful over the long term.

If your balcony isn’t made with materials resistant to sunlight, humidity, rain and dust, in a little while you can say goodbye to all the effort and money you invested in your renovation. You get what you pay for, and renovations are not the exception.

That’s why we recommend that you only choose highly-resistant materials that are able to stand the course of time, while also providing an evergreen and beautiful decoration for your balcony.


5. Forgetting to set up appropriate lighting

How can one forget about the lighting of any space? It’s not during the day that this oversight is noticed – it’s at night, and on cloudy days.

Balconies are ideal places for get-togethers and events at any time of the day, and those plans can come crashing down if you don’t place enough lamps in your balcony.



6. Using a design that doesn’t take dimensions into consideration

Not all balconies are equal – many designs can be adapted to different spaces, resulting in very functional and aesthetic places.

It could be that the balcony you saw on that one magazine is what you’ve always wished for… but you should make sure to measure the dimensions of the furniture you will employ, to determine if using that furniture on your available space is appropriate or not.

If you decide to have plants on your balcony, then those should also be chosen according to the dimensions of your balcony, as well as the weather conditions the balcony is usually subject to (sunny, semi-shady, or shady).



Did you take into account these mistakes at the time of renovating your balcony? Share your experience with us!


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