Changing your floor when renovating your house is a great step, and a chance to create a unique space. Thus, we will show you which are the best options available for doing this.

At the time of renovating your house, something very important to consider is changing the floor on different rooms. Here’s an interesting article that discusses 7 questions that you should make yourself before renovating your floor.

In order to make our creativity flow in the best way possible, it’s important to know:

  • All the available options at your disposal
  • For which rooms said options are appropriate
  • And which finishes and trends are popular right now

Are you familiar with the latest options for renovating your floors? We do, and because of that we want to summarize them for you in this article, so that you are well informed about this topic.


1. A quick option is using painted floors

An option that many don’t know about is that they can completely renovate a room using only paint.

The base for the paint can be floors made of wood, tiles, or concrete. It’s important to research the proper type of paint for the floor that you want to use.

The advantage of employing paint on your floors when renovating your home is that you can obtain a very quick finish, and you can employ a huge variety of colors and combinations.


2. Do not underestimate vinyl

If you are going to change your floor when renovating your house, do not forget to consider classic options such as vinyl.

In the past, it was commonly believed that vinyl floors were of low quality and not long-lasting. However, many high-quality variations of this floor have been developed since then.

The main advantage of this material is that it’s resistant to humidity and stains. Also, vinyls exist in different styles that can give a great touch to your spaces.

Do you want to see photos of floors with a vinyl finish? If so, we invite you to check out this Pinterest page.


3. A growing trend: Pavement of smoothed micro-cement

The modern aspect of the industrial aesthetic is a trend that keeps on growing, and which can be easily implemented with this kind of floor.

This kind of floor is appropriate for spaces with minimalist themes, and is very pleasant to the sight.

This kind of floor isn’t recommended for rural areas because, despite it being cement, it can be scratched easily.

Likewise, you have to be careful with the furniture you put on that kind of floor, as well as the cleaning products you use on it, as these can deteriorate this kind of floor.

It being a floor made of cement doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a highly resistant floor. This is why it’s important to be familiarized with other floor options.


4. Floors made of epoxi resin

Resins are a perfect material for changing your floor when renovating your house, if what you are looking for is a long-lasting material.

Floors made with epoxi resin are continuous floors with a huge advantage: They are resilient, weather-resistant, and slip-resistant.

This kind of material is also sun-resistant. It can be used for balconies, and because it comes with different designs it can be used to create unique floors for your rooms.


5. Bamboo floors

If you are ecologically conscious, bamboo floors are an excellent alternative nowadays, which is increasing in popularity.

It is employed not only because of its pleasant light color – it’s actually a very resilient and economical material.

If bamboo is treated appropriately, it can be employed even in spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms. This is a biodegradable material that can be produced quickly, so consider using it.


6. Laminated floors

Wooden floors are always an excellent option. Specifically, laminated floors are a variation of wooden floors that are quickly growing in popularity.

Designs with irregular laminated floors are a very modern design that provides a dynamic sensation to the floor of the room.

Additionally, a very popular style is using laminated floor sheets with different colors. This results in a very colorful style for your floor.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of each floor, we invite you to read this guide.

Did you like these ideas? Let us know which kind of floor would you use to renovate your house!

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