6 tips for calculating the cost of an integral reform

The costs of an integral reform can be calculated according to the type of refurbishment, the squere meter to be worked on and the type of materials to be used.

It is possible to predict the cost of a reform or at least estimate it based on different factors.

This is useful to manage the size of the Project and to administer the necessary arrangements to be made as well as to prepare a contingency fund in case of unforeseen events.

With these tips we will know how to determine the square meter to be worked, define materials and the kind of reform that we want for calculating the general cost of a house reform.

How to calculate the cost of an integral reform in Barcelona?


1. Considere your necessities

If you require of a reform it is because the current home is not adequate or perhaps a new location will be used that requires a different layout.

Since an integral reform is an investment, it is important that we considerate which are our short and medium-term needs are.

For example, if it is a home for a family then having more than one bathroom is a great necessity, as well as a dining room and a living room while a house for one person requires less distribution. 


2. The type of reform

The cost of an integral reform depends largely on the square meter so if you decide to remodel just a few rooms the price will be completely different than if you decide to refurbish the whole house.

This of course changes depending on the rooms you decide to work in. Rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom can be more expensive due to the type of extra arrangements require.

6 tips for calculating the cost of an integral reform


3. The quality of the materials

This is one of the important factors in calculating the costs of a reform.

The final cost of the reform may vary by approximately 20% depending on the type of material selected.

The availability of the material that will be used has a great influence on their price, which is why prior research is a good strategy.


4. The square meters are the base

The cost of an integral reform is defined the most part by the square meters to work, the materials and additional works pass to a second plane. It is reasonable to stablish the area to work.

To check the exact square meters you want to work you can consult the title deed or an extract of the house recovered from the property register.

This can additionally provide useful information for the renovation and that is how the cost of an integral reform can be calculated in a better way.


5. Contingency fund

Considering the additional arrangement and works it is and especially useful advise if you decide to make a renovation to a new home or if you are making repairs to an old property.

It is best to anticipate the problems that may arise throughout the work so we recommend a contingency fund of at least 15% of the total budget of the reform.

6 tips for calculating the cost of an integral reform


6. Considerate the plan

Maintaining a focus throughout the reform can be complicated but we should not be carried away by the luxurious trends and fashion styles that may go beyond our initial budget.

This does not imply that we may not make changes or choose another material throughout the work but we must remember to stick to our style and out planned budget.

Do you still need support to calculate the costs of integral reform in Barcelona?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we can offer you the guidance and attention you need.


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