7 ideas to reform the town house with charm

A town home may be the ideal shelter but over the time it may need a complete renovation. Get to know wonderful ideas for a complete reform of a town house.

Renovating a town house can be an excellent way to bring back its charm and make it cozy

This type of houses serves as a scape to the hectic life. Keeping them functional and with a pleasant style when redesigning them with an integral reform can be a challenge that’s worthwhile.

They tend to be antique houses that have a unique charm that is undoubtedly desired to maintain even after the reform.

That is why we will provide some ideas to inspire you to make the complete renovation of a townhouse of your dreams, maintaining its essence and unique charm whether it’s with small repairs or a complete reform.

Do you know where to start with an integral reform of a townhouse?


1- Organize your work plan first

If you are about to begin this complete reform, the first thing to consider is the deficiencies and positives aspects of the current house.

Some common problems are leaks, dampness and bulging walls.

Making a detailed revision of walls, roofs, supplies (Utilities, water and gas) and floors is a good strategy for finding these problems.

Determining the positive things you want to keep is also important so we can take our time and organize our priorities for an integral reform.

If you are not sure of what to consider, we recommend these questions prior to renovating an apartment.


2- First change: Redistribution

In order to change the distribution of old houses like this one, we have two recommendations that could be of great help.

First, try to get the house plans to study the structure well. The load-bearing walls are usually a factor of care which are difficult to relocate but can be modified to communicate spaces.

Secondly and of great importance, we recommend seeking the advice of a professional who will advise us appropriately how to achieve the distribution we want.

7 ideas to reform the town house with charm


3- Roof and facade repairs

A good idea is to make this basic intervention. Mainly because the usual materials for these parts of the house are made of wood or forged, and they can suffer the inclemency of the weather.

They are new, highly resistant materials that can be used to replace damaged ones or to apply protective treatments to the existing structure.  

If you need to know more about the process of selecting new materials, we recommend you to take a look at these basic tips.


4- Take advantage of what’s available

We must emphasize that old houses generally have thick, rough walls that are perfect for many rustic finishes, embracing these imperfections is the best.

Chop the walls during the renovation and letting the past of the house be seen is a good idea for it to acquire some character. It is not necessary to do it in all the walls, with some rustic sides it maintains a good effect.

On the other hand, old and large beams visible on the ceiling are also a very attractive element. Including them in the reform of your village house can give that rustic and welcoming look.

7 ideas to reform the town house with charm


5- Recover old furniture.

This is a good idea especially if they are original carpentry. This type of furniture retains an aesthetic that is pleasing no matter how old it is.

Giving them a coat of paint to renovate them or change their color to white or beige can help them be more discreet and better incorporated into your décor.

It the piece of furniture doesn’t work for you but you like its style, a creative idea that can give it a great style is to recycle it to create a new piece that will decorate your home.


6- Changes that update the spaces

Some changes can make a difference and if you still don’t know where to start, the first change to modernize a home is to connect spaces.

An open room concept, especially between the dining room and kitchen can make a big difference. By seeing more space, you can also make the most of it.

7 ideas to reform the town house with charm


7- Enlarge doors and windows

Another option when doing an integral reform of a village house is to enlarge some windows or use large windows to allow more natural light in.

We remember to check beforehand if these changes to the house are allowed by local regulations.

This type of glass entrance gives the feeling that the space is wider and by taking advantage of natural light, it brings a warmer aspect to the townhouse.

As an additional advantage, a reform of the windows allows to check the frames and the closings of them to recover them or to improve them.

Did you like these ideas for the complete renovation of a townhouse?

Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments.


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