They key for a successful integral renovation under this style is knowing how to combine the modern style with the retro style, in a natural way that doesn’t abuse any of these two styles. So, here we offer you 7 key factors to have in mind in order to have a successful integral renovation that implements this combined style. 

Doing an integral renovation is exciting, but sometimes it could seem complicated, specially if you want to give a different touch to a particular style. 

If what you are looking for is a retro-modern style for your renovation, and you want to avoid headaches while implementing said style, here we present to you 7 key factors to have in mind so that your combination of styles, and your renovation, end up being great! 


1. Define what you want 

The first thing you need to do is being clear about what you want, and visualize it. Avoid placing loose elements as decorations just because they form part of the style you want – by doing so you won’t be creating an integral style, or the style that you actually want to implement. If you do that you will likely be wasting time and money, and won’t achieve what you are looking for. 


2. Don’t overload your spaces 

Have in mind that retro and modern are two different styles. Thus, avoid mixing them with a third style at all costs. That way you’ll avoid overloading your spaces. 

If you are not sure about combining these styles, then you should go for the one you like the most. But don’t be afraid about taking the chance of combining them! It’s totally possible to combine these styles perfectly, while having a good contrast. 


retro moderno


3. Defined contrasts 

This combination of styles is framed within the category of contrasts architecture, and both styles can be applied because they differentiate each other visibly. 

Have in mind that you’ll never be able to have this effect by combining two very similar styles. Thus, if you like contrasts then take advantage of style combinations like the retro-modern combination. 


4. Colors of the same palette 

Another key factor if you want to reach a good mix between the retro and modern style is to use elements with colors within the same palette or family, to help you create that difference. 

The intention is maintaining the classic essence of the spaces, without having to do any big and sudden changes. The idea is to not lose the essence of any of the combined styles. 


retro moderno


5. Combine the elements with lines and patterns 

Don’t be afraid! The retro-modern style allows you to add lines or patterns in your renovation. However, make sure you don’t go overboard. Although you might not expect it, adding lines and patterns can add a personal touch to your combined style. 


6. Make the most out of your furniture 

If you really want to have a retro-modern style you can recycle old furniture which you’ve wanted to get rid of for some time. This will add a personal touch, and you’ll also save a bit of money. However, make sure that those pieces of furniture do look good as part of the mix of styles. 


7. Add texture on your walls 

If you haven’t thought about it, adding texture on one of your walls will help give warmth to the spaces. Some retro-modern wallpapers are available in the market, which will help you mark more strongly this combined style that you want to implement, as well as provide more character to your decoration. 

What’s important is to not saturate your spaces, and learning how to combine the carpets, textiles and accessories. When you renovate your space remember that in many instances, sofas are the protagonists of this kind of combined style, so don’t leave them out! 


retro moderno


The retro-modern style is very trendy right now, and the best thing about it is that it can produce designs with a lot of personality. 

We hope that these key factors are very helpful to you, so you can have your very own retro-modern integral reform, just like the ones in the magazines. 


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