7 Keys for a Russian-style rococo decoration

Russian Rococo decoration is highly known for its elegance, excess and luxury. In this article we will reveal why this striking decoration is appropriate.

The rococo decoration style is perfect to liven up your home with luxury. It’s a very elegant style characterised by its extravagant arrangements.

It’s a style that emerged in the XVIII century and is still in firm use today. Its intricate design is perfect to decorate rooms today and besides, it’s important that you get to know the best way to adapt it appropriately.

After all, it’s essential to maintain a balance between the resounding Rococo decoration and the necessary current functionality.

1. Furniture is a centrepiece

Something which distinguishes Russian Rococo decoration from the rest, is without a doubt the aesthetic of the furniture. Generally, they are characterised by asymmetric details, curved shapes and light and bright colours.

Something important to consider is is that Rococo style furniture has irregular golden mouldings. The armchairs and classic cut furniture set out in this way are vital to this style.

Certain furniture characteristics, like a big divan, are good additions to the rooms to deliver a classic essence.

Generally the furniture has upholstery of delicate appearance like leather, brocade, velvet or silk.

2. Create focal points in the room

Generally the Russian Rococo style needs the use of intricate decorations without neglecting details, and one way to create this pleasant setting is to create different points of focus in the room.

7 Keys for a Russian-style rococo decoration

The use of these focal points can serve to avoid the creation of an excessively ornate and pompous decoration, maintaining key lighting that brings this style of decoration to the room in a modern way.

This is possible in this style using many large mirrors and dressers decorated with elaborate and irregular patterns, wood carvings with golden decorations.

3. The ideal pallet of colours

Russian Rococo decoration generally use pastel and clear colours. Among the most used in this style are ivory pink, green, light blue, cream, yellow and beige colours.

7 Keys for a Russian-style rococo decoration

These clear colours are perfect to contrast with the golden mouldings resulting in a setting worthy of a palace that allude to luxury, wealth and success.

4. Mouldings and wall-and-ceiling decoration

The use of bulky mouldings and gold lining is key to achieve elegance and eccentricity without equal. That is why the use of mouldings to decorate the walls as well as the ceiling is used in this style.

7 Keys for a Russian-style rococo decoration

Another current addition to the Russian Rococo decoration is the use of striking wall paper of various designs, avoiding skimping on the details and creating an impressive space.

You can appreciate that these types of ornaments were an important element in the renovation of Passeig de Sant Joan, where Russian decoration was used as a fountain of inspiration.

5. Use of quality materials

If you wish for something to look ostentatious and of grand elegance, it’s important to be selective and demanding with the materials that you use.

In this style it’s important to use materials of great quality, marble is a key aspect.

The furniture made with fine wood like noble, ebony, lacquered mahogany and carved wood provide an air of sophistication to the final work.

More over, the fabrics that you use for the curtains or tablecloths must emphasise great quality, made with velvet or expensive threads.

The final result is evidently exquisite and in the renovation of Dúplex Sitges, in Barcelona, the elegance that is achieved is remarkable when considering the use of certain elements of Russian style made of high quality.

6. How to avoid confusing rococo with baroque

It’s possible that confusiones arise between the two styles, well they’re basically related so far as the fact that Baroque is the origin of Rococo. But by some aspects they differ greatly.

7 Keys for a Russian-style rococo decoration

In the first place, Rococo is created as an antithesis of Baroque, so while in Baroque they aspire to achieve symmetry, in the Rococo style the use of asymmetric decorations is characteristic.

On the other hand, Baroque uses a much darker colour scheme, using colours like violet, red, blue and embroidery. In contrast, Rococo is committed to bright, soft and light tones.

7. Attention to detail

The combination of elaborate touch-ups with applications in gold paint colours, keeping small adornments and whichever detail possible is ideal to achieve the air of elegance worthy of Rococo.

A decoration with candlesticks, porcelain vases and whatever elements transmit elegance and luxury are ideal to use in the Russian decoration style.

The main intention with this decoration is to create a feeling of surprise and marvel so really there are no limits to the elaboration of ornaments.

Do you dare to try Russian Rococo decoration? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are specialists in renovations and Russian style decoration.


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