The office represents much more than just a workplace, in many occasions we spend more time in it than in our own home. That’s why making it as comfortable as possible turns out to be a great idea, and even more so if there are more than one person living their work lives in it.

To do an office renovation you need a plan where you have to take into account a number of factors that affect the task, from the budget to the areas that will be renovated.

That’s why if you decided to renovate your office and you still don’t know where to begin or what to do, we’ll give you 7 recommendations to plan the office renovation:

1 – Type of renovation to do

You need to know what modifications you wish to do and which options you have for each of them. It’s even possible that you’re only renovating your office due to some needed repairs or because you need more space in a particular area.

However it’s recommended for you to evaluate every option, as in some cases it can be more expensive to do a partial than an integral renovation, so it’s better to renovate the whole office and get better results.

2 – Revising the current state of the installations

It’s the first thing you must verify before you start doing any office renovation.

 office renovation

Doing an in-depth revision of the office installations, electrical as well as heating and pipes, to later replace the ones which are damaged, is a mandatory task to avoid future damages before the renovation is finished.

3 – Details, small but important

Take into account every detail, as no matter how small it may be, in the future it may affect the comfort and space. Leaving a poorly lit area or a badly placed outlet can mean discomfort or annoyances for those who work in the office.

4 – Ask for help if you need it

If you have no idea how to plan the renovation of your office, hiring a company with experience in this kind of renovation is the best solution, as they can give you advice when it comes to modifications, and they can even give you ideas for design and space optimisation.

5 – Real and preventive budget

When it’s time to calculate a budget to do an office renovation, whether it’s partial or integral, it’s very important to take into account surprise expenses. It’s necessary to be cautious and have approximately 10% of the budget on hand to avoid delays and inconveniences during the renovation.

6 – Hiring furniture storage

It’s something that’s usually overlooked. If the renovation is integral, it’s important to have a space to store equipment and furniture to avoid any damage during the renovation tasks such as demolition and painting.

7 – Apply for all permits

When the renovation is only done in the interior where the face or the structure of the building aren’t affected, you don’t need many permits. However, when the renovation is integral and it affects external elements, it’s usually needed to count with every permit required by the city, to avoid inconveniences and delays during the modifications.

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Renovating the office, tedious task

Planning a renovation for an office can be quite a tedious task, even more so if you do said task during your work day. That’s why it’s a good idea to count on professionals who can take care of it and at the same time guarantee a quality work.

Following these steps will guarantee you’ll have control over both your expenses during the renovation, and the time it takes for it to be done. It will also ease the decision of the most suitable design for your budget and available space.