Learn how to renovate without the budget skyrocketing.

Remodelling without the budget skyrocketing is completely possible. It is common for people to associate renovations with high costs, unpleasant surprises, and long unplanned project times.

However, this cannot be further from reality if the renovation project is properly planned and you have the support of specialists. Here are some tips for keeping the budget for a renovation under control.

1. Plan your priorities

This is a very underestimated step, but it could help a lot to make decisions during the renovation. Deciding which sections and parts of the project require the most investment is important in planning a budget accordingly.

remodelling render

It is advisable to get professional advice to determine which sections require more investment, Since thanks to their experience they can instruct you on what elements can be done with spending cuts but without problems and on what parts of the renovation it is worth saving a generous part of the budget to avoid unnecessary future costs.

We have prepared a home renovation mega guide that can help you get to know the fundamental steps of a remodel, so you can choose those steps in which you want to invest more.

2. Keep permits up to date

Depending on the city council, you may need prior licenses to start the renovation work. If you do not have all the necessary permits, there is a probability that you will receive a complaint or a fine.

This may represent an unforeseen expense, causing the price of the renovation to increase not only because of the fine, but because of all the delay that these procedures may require. With the support of a good renovation company, you generally do not have to worry about this step, as they can take care of all the necessary permits.

3. Select and order the materials

Materials are a fundamental part of the renovation budget. It is not always easy to get the best material at the best price and in many cases it is best not to cut the quality of the materials.

bathroom remodelling materials

Even so, it is possible to prepare as part of the planning, consider ordering materials from certain suppliers in advance, this way you can obtain better prices.

For this preparation we recommend you already have the advice of a reputable renovation company because it requires knowing how much material it will require. If it is short of material, it could have the adverse effect and increase the budget for the remodel.

4. The beauty of simplicity

It is okay to want to take your renovation to another level, however, exceeding is not always the most favourable. As the saying goes “less is more” and this is especially right in renovations.

minimalist remodelling

Some decoration styles are booming thanks to how practical they are and how they make the most of the space, such as the minimalist style and the industrial style. Additionally, by not using as many elements you take care of the budget.

To avoid overloading the spaces, it is advisable to use plenty of natural light and avoid adding unnecessary mouldings. Another positive aspect of keeping the reform as simple as possible is that in the future the space is versatile and it is easy to adapt the space with another style of decoration if you wish, since you should not eliminate as many elements.

5. To demolish really is the best thing?

Considered a necessary process in renovations, demolitions occupy a large part of the budget since it not only involves demolishing the wall, but also requires adjusting the finishes and the collection and removal of debris. If you want to avoid renovating with a skyrocketing budget, it is advisable to analyse which sections really need to be demolished.

Depending on the type of project you want, spacious and connected rooms are in high demand, but not all of them must follow this layout. One way to avoid budget increases is by demolishing just enough to create wide entrances between different spaces.

6. Compare budgets

Determining the budget is a basic step. You need to consult what the budget of your renovation would be with different renovation companies and compare them with each other to obtain an understanding of the average value of the work.

In this step, it is crucial that you fully explain your vision to the companies, leave nothing to be assumed in order to determine as precisely as possible the budget for the renovation.

vb reformes integrals team

Another important aspect is to ensure that the budget that is delivered to you is as detailed and itemised as possible, this is really convenient to know the costs of each section in case the reform must be readjusted or materials changed. If you want to know what to look for in these budgets, we invite you to read the tricks and tips on cheap renovations.

7. Exploit the potential already present

Spain and more specifically, Barcelona, ​​is a city with an incredible architectural history. It is common for houses to date back many years and have many original architectural elements of great value.

Taking advantage of these elements is highly recommended. In addition to increasing the value of the property, they are unique structures that are not easily reproducible and can add a lot of character to the spaces.

oringial architectural elements

As for the budget, they are also a great help in avoiding sudden costs since you save costs by restoring the floor or the roof instead of changing or covering them. The point is to revalue what you already have in your space.

We hope that these tips help you throughout your next renovation project, as you can see, hiring a reputable renovation company is almost indispensable when it comes to carrying out the remodel without sudden cost increases. If you want to start your renovation, you can contact us at VB Reformas Integrales to find out the budget of the project you wish for.

Which tip did you think was best to renovate without budgeting? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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