The challenge of decorating a bedroom can become easier than we think! With these small tricks we’ll learn which elements improve the aesthetics of our bedrooms.

At the time of renovating a room, specially a bedroom, it’s important to not overlook small details that can result in very favorable changes.

How can you renovate your bedroom easily?

By following these easy tricks you will achieve excellent changes for your bedroom:



1. Place plants

Using multiple plants is an excellent alternative for decorating a bedroom, as they provide a color and light point for the room.

Something important to keep in mind if you wish to use plants to decorate your bedroom is to choose appropriate plants according to the amount of light that gets into the bedroom, and the climate of where you live.

If you need help researching which plants can work for your bedroom, this guide can be very helpful for you.



2. Change the knobs in chests and closets

An element that can be easily modified are the knobs in chests and closets. You shouldn’t underestimate the potential of changing such a small element in a piece of furniture!

It’s very easy to change knobs, and in specialized stores you can find a huge variety of knobs that can give an extra touch to the decoration of the bedroom.




3. Employ a tray in the dressing table

You might have different perfumes, lotions and other beauty items on your dressing table which you use regularly, and there are many alternatives you can use if you wish to organize them elegantly.

A pretty tray or board could be the solution, as they allow you to assign a specific place to these small beauty items, without losing the corresponding decoration touch in your bedroom.



4. Mirrors are necessary

Mirrors always are a very useful tool for decorating spaces – specially for decorating bedrooms.

By using mirrors you can make it so that small spaces give the sensation of being much bigger. Mirrors are also necessary because of their functionality in the bedroom, as that’s the space where we get ready every day.

Mirrors can come in many different presentations, and with many different kinds of frames, which allow us to use them in any type of bedroom decoration. These qualities make mirrors an indispensable and versatile item for your beedrom.




5. Enrich the space with a piece of art

Art pieces are an excellent choice of decoration for a bedroom. They represent a positive investment that will give a unique touch to the room.

Art pieces can be very varied – they can be sculptures, photographs, paintings, murals, etc. They can make your bedroom worthy of bragging about it.

It’s important to look for art pieces:

  • That you actually like
  • And that actually match well with the dimensions of your bedroom



6. Painted paper for decoration

Painted paper (wallpaper) has evolved considerably, and nowadays it’s a very convenient decoration tool that makes the walls of a room look more lively.

Painted paper is specially useful for decorating a bedroom, as it can give an attractive appearance to the walls, doors or closets. It’s better to use it as a focal point, and not go overboard using it, in order to avoid making it lose its attractiveness.




7. Do not forget the switches and outlets

These small items should also be taken into account when decorating our bedrooms. It’s common to overwlook those small elements, but they can look very prominent if you want them to.

You can incorporate these electrical components in the decoration of your bedroom: For instance, a growing trend is to employ metalized colors that highlight their presence with dramatism.


So, do you feel inspired to decorate your bedroom with these tips? If you want more ideas then we invite you to check out these selections on Pinterest.


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