The main idea when renovating small flats is knowing how to make the most out of your available spaces, without forgetting to cover your basic needs. You can achieve this with creativity, and by implementing a good style.

If you are thinking about renovating your flat, and your flat space is small, don’t worry – it’s possible for the renovation of your flat to end up being perfect, and well adapted to your needs. You just need to know how to do it right!

Here we will teach you seven simple tricks that will help you renovate small flats, without having to overload each space, and making sure that your available spaces end up being functional and with style.


1.- Walls: Why so many?

Open spaces are very trendy right now, and they also provide a feeling of spaciousness. Walls tend to reduce that sense of spaciousness, and in many instances they are not completely functional.

open spaces

If your flat is small, see if you can remove one or more walls in an area like the living room or the kitchen – that way you will gain more spaciousness, the walls will no longer reduce your available space, and you’ll end up having a very modern style.


2.- Pale and smooth floors

Another trick to gain spaciousness in your small flat is having smooth, pale-colored floors – they offer uniformity, comfort and spaciousness.

Keep in mind that if you can’t change your floor, using pale-colored carpets is an excellent alternative, as they exude warmth and elegance. Floating floors are also practical and functional.


3.- White walls, with a touch of color

The color white always provides spaciousness, which is why it’s recommended for small spaces. However, you should consider giving a touch of warmth to your flat with some touches of color.

white walls

You can give a bit of color to the walls with some decorative paintings and vinyls, without going overboard. Mirrors also help balance the environments, they help with providing depth, and also multiply the natural lighting of the place.


4.- Luminous windows

If you have windows, then allow them to get the outside light into your flat! Take out your dark-colored curtains, or curtains made with heavy fabric. Add translucent, pale-colored or neutral-colored curtains to your renovation so that light can come in more easily.

luminous windows

You can take advantage of the space under a window to have a resting / reading / relaxing zone – you can place there a bench with cushions, which can be complemented with a piece of furniture for storing books or other objects.


5.- Make the most out of all available spaces

All spaces are important when doing a renovation – specially on a small flat. Make the most out of the spaces under the stairs, and in not very functional corners and/or halls. You can put furniture in those spaces for general storage, storing shoes, or displaying books.


6.- Lighting is important

Just like having natural light enter your flat is important, the artificial lighting of your flat is also important. You need to consider making it so that natural and/or artificial light reaches all of your environments. Avoid dark corners, and use halogen lights to bring more clarity and spaciousness to  your spaces.


7.- Choose appropriate furniture

A wise choice when living in a small flat is having multi-use pieces of furniture, as you can use them for different purposes, whenever you need to, without overloading your spaces. You can also use modular and/or custom-made furniture to better cover your specific needs.

Decorate your small spaces with light furniture, which is less bulky, slimmer, more stylized, and brings more uniformity to your place.

These tips will help you renovate your small flat, making the most out of each space, adapting them to your needs, and all while gaining spaciousness, comfort, and style in each area.

So, knowing all this, you should start your renovation right now! What do you think?


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