The time has come for a renovation and in addition to improving the functionality of your home, it is an excellent time to revalue your home with a remodel. Find out how the process of renovation can serve to increase the value of your property.

Knowing which arrangements will revalue your home is helpful to obtain the greatest future benefit from the investment made when renovating an apartment. It is estimated that the value of a home after a well-planned renovation can increase by up to 20%.

Additionally, with the changes of this renovation, the sale of the house will be much faster, the key is to make it more attractive to potential buyers. We invite you to learn about these arrangements recommended by our specialists at VB Reformas intergrales that could give a new value to your home.

1. Enlarge spaces

Eliminating partitions and walls is one way to create spacious, open rooms. This characteristic has become the distribution par excellence in homes currently, given its functionality and comfort.

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As professional advice, we indicate that before eliminating these structures they must first be checked by an architect since they could be essential for the integrity of the structure. If so, a team of professionals who adapt the structure to another design is necessary to take care of the walls and partitions to be eliminated.

2. Change the floor and paint the walls

The aesthetics of the rooms are part of the value of the home, not to mention that it is one of the most attractive elements for future buyers. So investing in a change of aesthetics is an excellent strategy to revalue your home.

To change the appearance of the walls, you have many options. Creating colour contrasts with the walls is a great resource for decorating. You can also create dynamic and daring spaces with the use of wallpaper. Even make use of different textures when displaying, for example, brick walls.

brik walls

As far as changing the floor, if you are renovating an old house, it is better to consider renovating rather than changing. This is because well-preserved old wooden floors or mouldings are more valuable.

3. Renovate bathrooms

The bathrooms are one of the most important rooms to consider for revaluing a home. Replacing the bathtub with a shower increases the value and number of potential buyers, as they are more accessible and safer.

Many modern bathrooms take advantage of the use of different textures such as wood and metal to create a welcoming space. This first impression will not only be convenient for your stay in your home, but will be key to getting a future sale of the property for a better price.

bathroom renovation

On the other hand, the use of large tiles and quality screens and taps are other aspects that can increase the attractiveness and value of this room. In this article we share 5 keys for you to achieve the greatest charm when renovating a bathroom.

4. Modernise the kitchen

Including the kitchen in the renovation project represents a great investment, plus the benefits obtained are considerable. The kitchen along with the bathrooms are the spaces that buyers prioritise most when contemplating buying a home.

Changing appliances and storage space arrangements are good options to consider. Read this article if you want to know more ideas for modernising your kitchen to make it charming and functional.

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As we have mentioned, creating open spaces is another strategy, in this case between the living room and the kitchen is a good idea to contemplate to revalue your home.

5. Make use of natural light

Nothing can replace the warmth provided by natural light. The effect that a source of natural light has in activating our brains is invaluable. Prioritising the use of windows that allow abundant natural light improves the atmosphere and warmth of the room.

Another advantage of making this arrangement is the ability to replace the windows. Upgrading the windows will allow the use of modern materials that maintain better thermal and sound insulation.

Including mirrors which can help disperse light from natural sources as much as possible. The use of glass partitions between rooms is another useful but more situational resource.

6. Optimising energy efficiency

This is one of the investments that will help you most to revalue your home, since energy saving is one of the improvements that has gained more priority recently and of greater concern to many buyers.

To achieve this optimisation, not only does it refer to the replacement of household appliances with those that are more economical, but the thermal insulation can also be improved to save on heating consumption. If you are interested in knowing more strategies to improve sustainability and energy efficiency, we recommend you read this article.

7. Renovating the facilities

Changing and updating electrical and plumbing installations is necessary in older homes. For safety and functionality reasons, many homes require that installations be inspected and fixed.

Not to mention, demonstrating that the facilities are in optimal condition will provide a valuable asset to the home at the time of sale. To ensure that these installations have long life spans, it is recommended that you do not skimp on the quality of materials used.

Last but not least, don’t forget that first impressions are very valuable. Taking care of the aesthetics and decoration of your home can make all the difference in adding value. Achieving an impeccable decoration is something you can do for sure if you have the advice of a professional.

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If you are interested in carrying out a renovation that will serve to revalue your home, you can contact us at VB Reformas Integrales to consult the necessary budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us to carry out that project you’ve been dreaming about.

Did you know about these ways to revalue your home?

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