Hallways are underestimated spaces in our homes that you can take more advantage of. Here you will find the best tips for decorating your hallways that we propose: 


1. Give it good lighting 

What you least want is for your hallway to exude a dark and gloomy atmosphere. Nobody wants something like that in their house, or do you? 

To avoid making your hallway look like it was taken right from a horror movie it’s best to illuminate it using natural light. This can be achieved by replacing partitions with picture windows, or by placing skylights at strategic points. 

If it’s not possible to use natural light you can place a lamp that keeps the hallway well illuminated. Doing that will eliminate the dark and mysterious appearance of your hallway, while complementing its decoration. 



2. Protective decoration 

Hallways can be very narrow and busy, which can lead to scratches on the walls. 

Avoiding these scratches is much easier than you may think: You just need to install wall coverings with moldings to protect your walls, which also gives an additional touch of decoration to your hallways. 

A more economical alternative is to make wall coverings out of wallpaper, which fulfill the same function. 


3. Use the space for storage 

Depending on how wide is your hallway, you can take advantage of it by placing furniture in there, and making the most out of that area of the house. 

 If the hallway is very wide you can even place closets there – however, you should make sure that you can open its doors completely. You should also have in mind that a high piece of furniture will make the space of your hallway look much more narrow. 

Another alternative is to place bookshelves and/or a shoe cupboard, as these are the narrowest pieces of furniture that can better complement the decoration of the hallway. 


4. Light colors are better 

Colors have a lot of power in regards to transmitting sensations, so you shouldn’t overlook them when decorating your hallway. 

Make sure you employ neutral and light colors within the range of cream and white colors, which produce a higher sense of spaciousness. They will also make your hallway look more illuminated, thus killing two birds with one stone. 

If, on the contrary, what you want to do is conceal how long your hallway is, the best thing you can do is to paint your walls with a color darker than the color of your ceiling and floor. 



5. Rugs for decoration 

Rugs are the good old allies for decorating spaces, so don’t hesitate about using them on your hallway. 

Rugs don’t make your hallway look more spacious, but they do help in decorating it, and giving it a special touch. A rug with warm colors can be the colorful focal point that your hallway needs. 

What rug style do you prefer for your hallway? 


6. Achieve balance with your paintings 

A great idea for decorating your hallways if they have a very elevated ceiling is to fill the place with paintings and/or figures. 

It’s important to not go overboard – it could be enough for achieving a perfect decoration to just use some small paintings, and/or one big painting, depending on the dimensions of the hallway. 


7. A darker floor for more presence  

This is another optical trick that we can take advantage of for decorating our hallway. 

If the floor is dark and the walls are light-colored, we will automatically feel that the hallway is bigger than it actually is. If you want your hallway to no longer produce a sense of confinement and narrowness, then this is a good strategy to implement. 


8. Sliding doors 

An excellent alternative for decorating a hallway is to install a sliding door or a glass partition. These are the best options for keeping your hallway illuminated and spacious. 

Additionally, these can be opened to increase the space of the hallway, and thus achieve an optional open area. 



Do you like these ideas for decorating and making the most out of your hallway? Which one would you implement in your own hallway? Time to get working!