9 ideas for decorating your house using moldings and baseboards

Nowadays it’s very common to use moldings and baseboards for decoration. So, let’s see how we can achieve different kinds of atmospheres by using moldings and baseboards in our houses.

At the time of decorating our spaces, we shouldn’t forget that we can use moldings and baseboards for decorating the space around us.

From creating a sensation of movement to giving elegance, moldings and baseboards can be useful for giving an extra touch to our walls, while making sure they maintain a classic style.


The classical combined with the modern

You could have the false idea that moldings are antiquated. However, moldings are actually very popular nowadays.

By decorating with moldings and wallpaper you can achieve an equilibrium between the classic and the modern.

The best you can do is employ a colorful and exotic wallpaper along with a molding with a neutral and classic color.


Separate your spaces gracefully

Moldings are a great resource for separating different areas in a room in a discrete and fluid way.

With a change of textures that we can achieve with moldings you can easily define a division in a room. This is, without a doubt, a subtle yet effective way of separating spaces while giving them a special touch.


Headboards with style

To decorate the headboard of a bed, using moldings is a great strategy.

You could use an eccentric geometric pattern for the moldings in that area, for instance. It’s best to highlight with moldings only the wall present at the headboard of the bed.

9 ideas for decorating your house using moldings and baseboards


The classics are coming back

While true that decorating with moldings has become very modern, it can also keep its classic style if you use white or cream-colored moldings.

This is specially convenient if you wish to create a calm atmosphere, ideal for relaxing.

If you combine it with neutral colors you will achieve that classic and cozy effect in the room.


Elegance in doors and fireplaces

Moldings don’t have to be limited exclusively to walls. You can also use them to create textures on fireplaces and doors.

By decorating your fireplace or doors using moldings you can achieve a much more classic finish.

Check out this page if you want more ideas of how to implement such decorations.

9 ideas for decorating your house using moldings and baseboards


Don’t limit yourself – think big

If you decide to decorate using moldings, don’t think there is a limit you are restricted to. There is no reason for you to limit your use of moldings to simple strips on the walls. Instead, you can unleash your creativity, and cover your living room with them!

By using classic moldings combined with metallic colors you can create a very glamorous and luxurious space.

If you want something more bold you could choose more avant-garde geometries for your moldings.


Create a sensation of movement

Flat walls can be very simple. However, with the use of moldings you can make them produce a completely new sensation.

There are many molding patterns which are designed to produce a sensation of movement, which produces an experience of dynamism in the room, which is subtle yet appropriate.

If you want more ideas of how this effect looks like don’t forget to check out these references on Pinterest.


Moldings on top of the walls

Decorating with moldings is also excellent for giving an additional effect to the ceiling – you can create an exceptional atmosphere for your room depending on the molding texture you use for the ceiling.

Combining moldings on the ceiling with an exceptionally flashy lamp is a great combination for building a remarkable and attractive atmosphere.

9 ideas for decorating your house using moldings and baseboards


Baseboards adapted to each space

You can make the most out of baseboards by adapting them appropriately to each space. It’s best to place them in proportion to the size of the room.

If you make the transition from a small room to a big one, you can adapt the baseboard to increase its dimensions in this new big space – that will maintain a fluid perception which will conceal the change in environment.


Did you like these ideas about using moldings and baseboards for decorating your house? Which ones would you apply for your own house?


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