The remodellin of interior space and interior design is a seemingly simple task, although those of us that have faced a comprehensive remodel know perfectly well it is anything but simple. It involves a series of activities which require special care in each stage.

That is why we have prepared for you this short guide-list of recommendations and advice before contracting a company in interior design, interior architecture or comprehensive remodelling for your home or contract (companies).

At the time of the remodel, everything must be calculated to the smallest detail. Would you like to get to know all things related to interior architecture and service contracting? Follow us until the end of this article.

Design and interior architecture.

With a change of image in the interior of your home or business, you can generate a reflux of energy and provide your space a new charisma, a new image can be cause for improvements in the achievement of objectives, better work environment, more productive meetings and an increase in income of the company. On the other hand, in your home, good interior architecture can represent better rest, a stronger family relationship, in addition to a revaluation of the property.

In comprehensive remodelling and interior architecture, cheap doesn’t last.

It’s possible that, at some point, you have thought about remodelling your home to improve the comfort and design of your room, however, you don’t know whether to hire privately, a company, or do it yourself watching tutorials in YouTube. This is dangerous if you don’t have experience, although this is a free choice.

Without a doubt, our faithful recommendation is that you entrust your remodel to a company that is serious and established; that you can trust. That has ample experience and where you can see different interior architecture projects they have done. We see why:

• Experience: companies dedicated to interior design, interior decoration or comprehensive remodelling possess the experience required to face, without delays, all types of renovation. Furthermore, they possess a personalised solution for every situation for your home, office or company. If you compare different professionals you will find that they give you similar solutions, although each one with different personalisations. Since each profesional has expertise in interior architecture projects

• Quality: If you wish for quality work, polished, without annoyances and with a top finish, only an interior design company with a stable team of architects and bricklayers can do it. Their methods and tools are subject to design to guarantee high performance on their projects. Besides, thanks to the interior designer you’ll be able to save a lot of headaches at the communication level.

• Team: As we have commented in the previous point, a company that does remodelling or interior design needs to incorporate architects in it’s team to be able to achieve a remodel with safety and efficiency, it must include a team where each one specialises in their sector like, for example, light fixtures, plumbing, etc.

comprehensive remodelling VB team

• Assurances: Companies dedicated to the design of interiors offer guarantees over the time of their work. In case of any eventuality you can contact your interior designer to evaluate responsibilities and reparations.
I need to do a remodel, where do I start?

When hiring the services of a remodelling company, certain considerations must be taken into account. In first place, you should be aware of the importance of your participation in each phase the restoration.

It’s a process that develops as a whole, where the company and you must be responsible for the development and performance of the different phases of the project.

In this list we’ll show you the 5 main tips to bear in mind when you hire a professional interior design company.

1. Check the budget

Before hiring a company to manage the interior design in your space, you should observe that the budget fits your possibilities. Furthermore, take a detailed look at each of the services that they offer you, according to the money you must invest.

A good way to start would be looking at all of the projects and services that we offer at VB Reformas, where you will find the best professionals in remodelling, interior design or interior architecture in Barcelona, and we’ll leave you in this same link so that you can see our remodels in Barcelona. Delight yourself with the photos, client comments and ask for a free quote from those who best suit your ideas.

comprehensive remodelling loft VB

When comparing budgets do not let a low price hook you without taking a detailed look at some company references. What’s more, be sure that they are capable of completing every one of your expectations.

2. Communication

Fluid communication is essential for the proper construction of your space. You should explain to your interior designer the aspirations and objectives that you wish to achieve with the remodelling of the different spaces.

It is advisable to keep a record of the conversation to ensure that ideas are not forgotten. With effective communication, the company can get to know your likes, preferences, and the interior design that you need to be implemented in the remodel.

3. Planning for you remodel.

Be sure that planning is carried out where every stage of the architecture and design your project is controlled. In that plan of action they must register the objectives of the restoration , the materials, resources to utilise and the approximate times of each phase.

Every company develops their own methodology with regards to records and the planning of activities. This record must be clear, and shared transparently with you at any moment, or when you ask for it.

4. Contract: Design and interior architecture for businesses.

If your project is orientated on a corporate environment, business and offices, you should consider if they already have experience in contract projects of your sector or related. For our part, the contract is a strong weight within our business and really we carry out comprehensive renovations in restaurants, businesses and offices. Anyway, you should think that all of the settings in your spaces should go orientated to satisfy the harmony with respect to your business interests.

Quesarium, interior architecture for businesses

The colours, objects, shapes , and arrangement of the furniture in general, should go in just one sense, following the corporate image of your business. This guarantees that your personnel, and your clients maintain a stable and harmonious image of your brand. An image, a colour, or a shape can mark the difference of the time to close a good business.

5. Don’t forget the lighting

One aspect that usually goes unnoticed in renovations is the lighting. A balance must be achieved, without saturating too much the atmosphere of achievement.

We can assure you that the same space changes a lot with well designed lighting. Here the role of an interior designer is vital to give light to your project.

Try to take maximum advantage of natural light. Here we leave you some examples. If you have to do a remodel, it’s a good time for the architect of interior to make the necessary structural changes to obtain better natural lighting. Try to effectively project sunlight in every season of the year.

lighting design remodelling VB

Our recommendations so far. We hope that this is useful to help make good decisions and obtain the space that you wish for. Please, comment your experiences.

What spaces will you change of your home or business, one of our experts will see your comment and they can reach out to you. Happy comprehensive remodelling!

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