To begin a home renovation in Barcelona might at first seem like a stressful and complex job.

This type of renovation project can be put off for fear of such an important change, but the renovation of your home can be an extremely positive change if you know the steps and have the correct information.

That is why for your peace of mind and information we explain in this step by step guide the whole renovation process, specifically, if you do it in Barcelona.

1.Project what you need for your renovation

It’s time to break the ice and start to design a renovation plan. Don’t worry, we will recommend how to start. Firstly, you can consider these 7 questions before beginning your needs plan for your renovation. It’s possible that you still won’t have all of the answers, but it will help you focus to plan this first stage.

Grab some paper and a pencil and think about all of the things that you think you’ll need or that could improve your current living space, including the appropriate quantities.

Don’t limit yourself, and write absolutely everything that you will need in your home and later organise everything into a list. We recommend that you go over your list reconsidering if you really need everything you’ve written down.

home renovaion list

If this process doesn’t seem sufficient, not to worry, with a modern tool called ‘render’ you can generate a mock-up of your dream home to preview it. Here you can learn more about it.

With this process you’re making sure you set your needs and priorities, it’s vital to know what approach you will need throughout the renovation.

2. Choose your design, interior design and decoration

Now with your priorities there, you must give free rein to the creative process. after all, a home renovation doesn’t only aspire to create a functional home but also aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

To get inspiration social media can be your best ally. Networks like Pinterest and Instagram can be a great help, as well as home decorating magazines.

If you feel like you cannot decide between so many styles, to know which is best for your renovation, we recommend to read these 4 steps that can help you choose a style.

home renovation design vb

Specialised applications in home-renovations also exist like Youcandeco, and platforms like Houzz. With these latest tools you can simulate designs, select materials and budget plan.

If you’d like to catch up with the design trends in Barcelona you can get to know the best trends of 2019 in this practical summary.

3. Renovate a modern space in Barcelona

In Barcelona, the style that stands out in the homes and apartments is modernism, which is a classic style with vibrant colours and elegant appliqués in metallic colours.

The homes with a modern style located in Barcelona generally need a home renovation to update them and make them much more practical.

However, you should have care and experience when carrying out this type of renovation as it is best to keep something of the original elegant design of the house or apartment.

home renovation barcelona vb

That’s why the best way to undertake a renovation in Barcelona is choose a company with experience in this type of design, so that your needs can be achieved while maintaining the essence of the place.

In addition to modern styles, a mix of different styles and trends exist in Barcelona, that stand out in different zones of this cosmopolitan city. You will be able to appreciate an exquisite variety of decorative styles that we will detail below.

4.Loans and Mortgages for your renovation

Continuing with planning the renovation, the following step is to determine the budget that will be needed to do all of the work and, accordingly, the means of financing.

To calculate the price of a renovation can be easy, in this article we have detailed the aspects which you should consider with this type of renovation, the materials and the type of specialists you decide to count on.

home renovation barcelona vb

It’s important to highlight that it’s best to prepare, to make a budget with all the details possible so that you can plan accordingly, and easily modify it if any

inconveniences should arise.

Now then, you can decide to invest your savings to do the house renovation, but we recommend to consider financing for your project using mortgages and loans.

If you choose to have a mortgage or a loan you can manage the invested money better and with certain benefits that can economically facilitate the process for you.

We have prepared a much more detailed article should you wish to know more about the pros and cons of having a loan or a mortgage as a means of finance for your renovation in Barcelona.

5. Choose a renovation company in Barcelona

It’s time to choose the group of specialists that will be responsible for carrying out your plan to renovate your home. This is an important decision as you must pick a responsible company with adequate experience.

home renovation vb reformes

House renovation guide for Poblenou

The industrial decoration of this area is the product of homes created from abandoned factories and buildings, which gives it a unique appeal. It’s design is Industrial, minimalist and rustic; lofts and apartments are its main feature.

House renovation guide for Eixample

This zone is a perfect example of elegant and antique architecture. located in the central area of the city, its characterised by it’s 19th century designs, with roof mouldings , Hydraulic pavements and ample natural light.

House renovation guide for Sarrià-sant Gervasi

Modernist decoration is the theme in this zone of Barcelona, its to say, homes with stately and elegant atmospheres are very cosy. The aesthetic based on the natural and the femnine.

House renovation guide for Gràcia

The beauty of a bohemian neighbourhood produced by a great cultural mix is what stands out in this zone of Barcelona. It’s floors, windows and roofs of grand dimensions allow for excellent lighting and ventilation.

House renovation guide for Ciutat Vella

If you’re in search of vibrant and varied architecture, this zone is the perfect place. It’s high-domed roofs, Its mosaic floors with antique and parquet architecture seems to be an attraction for many.

House renovation guide for Les Corts

A zone filled with elegance and distinction. Its large mansions of minimalist architecture are known for their medieval details, extensive halls, grand kitchens and suspended ceilings.

House renovation guide for Sant Andreu

This zone is a focus of modernism and rationalism. The tradition and the tranquility of these apartments are maintained, averaged at 60 to 70 years old and give an average of 100m2 of construction.

House renovation guide for Horta Guinardó

House renovation guide for With it’s farms and pleasant rural appeal, this area of Barcelona allows great freedom of renovations given that homes are of grand, open dimensions, that are allowed to be adapted to increase its comfort and value.

6.Phases of a renovation

Now with all of the preparations ready, it’s time to get to work and begin your renovation.

It could be that even after so much preparation you are not familiar with all of the steps to get started. 7 Basic phases exist which cannot be left out of a renovation, summarising the most important phases, we present you with a short overview:

6.1 Licenses and permits for your renovation

A necessary process to avoid complications and fines in the future is to do all necessary paperwork. Generally, the types of permits and licenses that you should seek depend on the type of renovation you’re going to do.

If major remodellings are carried out where the structure of the house is modified, its functionality, its appearance, the entire property is extended or work is done to the whole property, permits are required indicating these modifications on a large scale.

home renovation licenses

Whereas if you only make adjustments to certain rooms, without including the whole floor nor require technical direction, they can be processed as minor works.

The requirements of these permits change depending on the city council so you must gather information before requesting them.

If a responsible renovations company is contracted this can be done without problems with getting the permits and licenses, and this way you do not have to worry about these preparations.

6.2 Distribution change of floor-or-house

Carry out a redistribution of rooms, for this, walls will be demolished and will be relocated.

This process produces a lot of debris and dirtiness, it will require a container to remove them, these come in different sizes for that reason it is necessary to estimate the volume of rubble.

home renovation livingroom

They don’t just take out walls in this step, but also suspended ceilings, stairs and other things of the like to expose part of the building or installments.

6.3 The bathroom remodel

One of the most important rooms in the house. Bathrooms have become a high priority in our homes and generally speaking a renovation of an old house requires additional bathrooms for greater comfort.

In our years of experience, we have observed the growing tendency to take out bathtubs and replace them with shower plates.

This requires a complete bathroom redistribution and is such a job that it’s best to plan ahead of time to seek the materials and screens.

home renovation bathroom vb

6.4 The kitchen renovation

The kitchen remodel is one of the sections that consumes a large part of the budget and that probably requires the most work. Well, besides the need to change the layout, it requires an investment in electrical appliances and furniture.

Kitchens require good planning to optimise to the fullest the functionality and take advantage of every centimetre. Room to manoeuvre should be planned to place the elements that are used close together.

home renovation kitchen

6.5 Lounge Renovation

The common area of the house could also to be renewed. During a renovation, a growing tendency is to create an open space in the lounge to facilitate coexistence and socialisation.

An open spaced design takes full advantage of the space and generates a sensation of ample space. With the appropriate decoration a cosy and memorable area can be created.

home renovation livingroom

6.6 Electrical installations and lighting

First of all, electrical installations are usually required to be completely renewed, especially if the renovation is done in an old house. To replace the installations and repair the defects is a vital job.

Furthermore, the lighting can be a powerful ally to create an atmosphere in the home, that’s why it’s a very personalised installation based on your preferences.

home renovation lighting

6.7 Floors, Walls and Ceilings

This step allows for many options. For example, you can decide to completely change your floor or repair and maintain it to save costs.

Besides, aesthetically you can decide whether you’d like to place skirting boards, mouldings or suspended ceilings depending on the style of decoration your have chosen.

You can take advantage of these fixes to create sensations of a warmer space of different dimensions.

6.8 The doors and carpentry

It might surprise you, but you must pay close attention to doors during a home renovation. Why? Well, the standard measurements for doors have changed and they’re not the same as those used years ago.

If you decide to change the doors of your home, this will present a problem because old doors are usually smaller, so you will be forced to cut the wall where they are situated and relocate them.

home renovation floors

So that you can save costs placing prefabricated swing doors or assuming the investment of the carpentry work to create personalised doors, according to the dimensions.

6.9 Paints and finishing materials in the renovation

To consider the durability of the materials and paintings that we choose for our homes is a factor that we should consider and investigate well.

Don’t get carried away by the aesthetic alone, seek help from your renovation company, sure to say they can help you achieve a more manageable balance between durability, price and aesthetics.

Here we indicate in greater detail what you should consider to choose the appropriate materials and finishes.

home renovation doors

7. Sustainability in your new home

Lastly, but by no means less important, we should consider the sustainability of your new home, it’s to say that appropriate energy savings be maintained.

This implies additional savings on electrical appliances, optimise thermal insulation, the use of biodegradables and consideration of water saving employing plumbing with aerators.

These changes are not only good for our economy, but they are necessary to contribute to the environment and the next generations. That’s why home renovations in Barcelona increase consciousness regarding sustainability in the home.

If you’d like to know more, in this section you can find out more codes to successfully achieve a sustainable home.

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