¿Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom? The details you need to have in mind for renovating your bathroom are many. However, in this guide we will show you how to choose the perfect bathtub that better fits your needs and style.

 Every renovation is important, and more when it’s a bathroom renovation, as the space being renovated needs to be able to fulfill all its basic functions, while still being comfortable to use. The bathroom space should inspire relaxation, without losing how every element in the space fits together.

The bathroom renovation has to be adapted to the space assigned for it, either in square centimeters or meters. Measure the area that you wish to renovate, specially if you wish to include a bathtub in said area – that way it’s easier to choose the ideal bathtub for your bathroom.

Size and functionality

Once you know the measurements of the space where the bathtub will be placed, choosing one shouldn’t be an issue, as there are lots of bathtub options and models in the market that can fit in said space in terms of size, design and style.


However, at the moment of choosing a bathtub you should also ask yourself: How are you going to use it? This is because, whether you want to use it for your daily hygiene, or for relaxation, you have different bathtub options at your disposal, varying in model and price.

Bathtub types

As we mentioned before, there are many different types of bathtubs in the market. So, at the moment of choosing one for your bathroom, this is what you should know:

Bathtub and shower combos are usually the most popular, as these can usually be adapted into any kind of bathroom, specially in small spaces. These bathtubs are installed in conjunction with a shower, combining two spaces into one so you can either take a bath, or a shower.

These are normally rectangular, and can be placed in corners, or between three walls.

Corner bathtubs usually come in two versions (left and right), as well as a variety of sizes, in order to make the most out of the available space (specially non-dimensional ones). They are practical and very modern.

Oval bathtubs are ideal to be placed in the center, or far from the walls, as they can be very decorative.

 Oval bathtubs

Embedded bathtubs are those that cover, and adapt to, the enclosure of the bathroom. Their support legs are not seen, as they are covered with bricks and concrete. Their installation requires brickwork, and the finish of the walls is usually done with tiles and ceramic.

If you have wide spaces in your bathroom you can choose a free-standing bathtub, which can be supported on its four legs, or be close to the floor. They have different designs, but they are usually round or oval-shaped.

Production materials: Indispensable

 Besides the type of bathtub you want, at the moment of choosing one you should also have in mind the materials in which they are built.

The most popular ones are made of acrylic, because of the price and weight of this material. They are very easy to clean up and have no pores, which tends to make them more hygienic. They usually slide less than other materials of that style, and are comfortable.

The bathtubs made of enamelled steel have higher durability, and adapt to different changes in temperature. Make sure the enamel that covers the bathtub is of high quality – otherwise it will crack or chip.

You can also find bathtubs made of enamelled molten iron, which retains the heat of the water for longer. These bathtubs tend to be very heavy.

Some bathtubs are made of wood, and thus they require more care both in their maintenance and installation. However, these are ideal for rustic-style bathrooms.

If you follow each one of these recommendations, you will be ready to make the best decision regarding which bathtub to get.

¿Have you chosen your perfect bathtub yet? Now is the moment to do it, so you can enjoy a pleasant and well-deserved bath in it.

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