6 options for changing your floor when renovating your house

Changing your floor when renovating your house is a great step, and a chance to create a unique space. Thus, we will show you which are the best options available for doing this. At the time of renovating your house, something very important to...

9 ideas for decorating your house using moldings and baseboards

Nowadays it's very common to use moldings and baseboards for decoration. So, let's see how we can achieve different kinds of atmospheres by using moldings and baseboards in our houses. At the time of decorating our spaces, we shouldn't forget that...

Which colors to have in mind for the design of your entry hall

When figuring out the design for your entry hall it's important for you to consider the different colors at your disposal, and the effects they can produce when used on your hall. Many times, when the time comes for redesigning our entry halls,...

7 tricks to decorate the perfect bedroom

The challenge of decorating a bedroom can become easier than we think! With these small tricks we'll learn which elements improve the aesthetics of our bedrooms. At the time of renovating a room, specially a bedroom, it's important to not overlook small details that...

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6 mistakes to avoid when renovating your balcony

Familiarize yourself with the most common mistakes you can make when renovating a balcony, so you save yourself both trouble and money. Having a beautiful balcony is the dream of many, and such a dream is within your reach if you do the right kind of renovation. For...

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Renovating ceilings using wooden beams: Looking up high

If you like the rustic style, then wooden beams will be the perfect element to add a more cozy environment to your house.  Wooden beams have become an ideal element for renovating ceilings, as these:  Bring harmony and warmth to your house  Help you improve...

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