How to choose a new sink and faucet when renovating your bathroom

Do you want to renovate your bathroom, but you don’t know which sink or faucet you should choose? Don’t fret! We’ll teach you how to choose the best sink and/or faucet for you so that your renovation ends up being perfect.   The sink is one of the...

Renovating ceilings using wooden beams: Looking up high

If you like the rustic style, then wooden beams will be the perfect element to add a more cozy environment to your house.  Wooden beams have become an ideal element for renovating ceilings, as these:  Bring harmony and warmth to your house  Help...

7 key factors to consider when doing a retro-modern integral renovation

They key for a successful integral renovation under this style is knowing how to combine the modern style with the retro style, in a natural way that doesn't abuse any of these two styles. So, here we offer you 7 key factors to have in mind in...

7 tricks to renovate small flats

The main idea when renovating small flats is knowing how to make the most out of your available spaces, without forgetting to cover your basic needs. You can achieve this with creativity, and by implementing a good style. If you are thinking about renovating your...

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The 6 best renovation and decoration blogs of 2019

If you are looking into renovating and decorating your house, here you'll find six of the best renovation and decoration blogs of 2019.  At the time of renovating or decorating spaces we always start researching ideas, trends, and tricks to make sure everything ends...

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Renovate your bathroom and make it sustainable and ecological

If you want to renovate your bathroom so that it's functional, sustainable, and ecological at the same time, you can do so without issues – you just need to know how to do it without compromising the style and comfort of the place. Renovations nowadays, specially for...

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Renovate your kitchen with the five best trends

If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, remember that this is the space where you spend most of your time. Thus, this space should be both functional and comfortable. Here we will show you the best five trends for renovating your kitchen. At the time of...

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10 ideas for renovating and decorating small bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom we recommend you take as much advantage as possible of the available space in it, so that it looks pretty and keeps a nice style. The aim is to renovate your bathroom following certain criteria. For instance, you need to always have in...

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Renovating your bathroom: How to choose the perfect bathtub

¿Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom? The details you need to have in mind for renovating your bathroom are many. However, in this guide we will show you how to choose the perfect bathtub that better fits your needs and style.  Every renovation is...

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