5 Keys to renovate your living room with style

If you need to renovate your living room and you think a some advice would be good to have, in this post we’ll show you the 5 keys to renovate your living room and get extraordinary results. The living room is one of the most active areas of the...

The 4 trends in interior decoration in 2019

Do you want to know which are the trending styles in interior decoration for 2019? Which of them is the best to decorate your home? In this post we’ll describe them for you in detail and we’ll give you the details of each of them. Interior...

5  renovations for small flats

There are different renovations to do in small flats which can improve and even enlarge spaces in this kind of home, in this post I’ll explain which ones they are, and how you can use them to get surprising results. Space doesn’t matter You don’t...

The 4 colour trends to renovate your kitchen in 2019

Do you already know the colour trends to renovate your kitchen? Have you no idea which colour to choose? In this post I’ll show you which are the top trending colours this year 2019. Colour is a part of the style and it represents the personality of every space. Thus,...

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Peculiarities of interior renovations of houses

If you’re the owner of a house and you’re thinking about renovating its interior, you must keep in mind that both its architecture and its construction type are partially different from a flat. Thus, budgets, execution times and tasks are different. Interior...

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Trends and interior design in Barcelona 2019

This concept also known as “interior decoration” is the art of projecting a nice and ideal ambience of a specific place. Where there’s  a balance between space, architecture, technology and culture, being the interior design of the city of Barcelona one of its best...

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How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

The bathroom represents, next to the kitchen, one of the most used parts of the house or flat. Thus, it’s the one which suffers the most wear and tear. Elements such as plumbing, walls and floors are damaged after some time, so in those cases a total renovation of the...

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Trends in office interior design in Barcelona

The constant evolution in jobs, the new technologies and ways to work, have led to the birth of current trends in office interior design in Barcelona and all of Europe. This has made this task something essential for the increase in productivity in companies all over...

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Renders: The latest design tool for architects.

Years ago the presentation of design and architecture was made using architectural models, a small scaled reproduction of a space in carton. These models played an important role in the perception of the space to the client, as they show physically the ideas proposed...

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