6 tips for calculating the cost of an integral reform

The costs of an integral reform can be calculated according to the type of refurbishment, the squere meter to be worked on and the type of materials to be used. It is possible to predict the cost of a reform or at least estimate it based on...

Decorate the wedding bedroom you’ve always dreamed of

Decorating the wedding bedroom can give a special closeness and transform it into a more pleasant place. Learn the best styles to have a modern dream room. Giving our personal touch to room can improve it and make it cozier, this is especially...

6 keys to borrowing and mortgages in a reform

It is possible that we need a loan or a mortgage for a reform and we need to be well informed about what is necessary, its advantages and disadvantages. In order to achieve our dreamed house, in many cases we will need an integral reform....
6 mistakes to avoid when renovating your balcony

6 mistakes to avoid when renovating your balcony

Familiarize yourself with the most common mistakes you can make when renovating a balcony, so you save yourself both trouble and money. Having a beautiful balcony is the dream of many, and such a dream is within your reach if you do the right kind of renovation. For...

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Renovating ceilings using wooden beams: Looking up high

Renovating ceilings using wooden beams: Looking up high

If you like the rustic style, then wooden beams will be the perfect element to add a more cozy environment to your house.  Wooden beams have become an ideal element for renovating ceilings, as these:  Bring harmony and warmth to your house  Help you improve...

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