The 7 questions you should ask yourself before renovating your floor

If you are considering doing any kind of renovation to your floor, you should ask yourself some key questions that will help you plan the process better, so that your renovation is perfect. A renovation always has details that you have to consider,...

How to correctly distribute your bedroom when renovating it

Are you thinking about renovating your room and don't know where to start? In this post we explain how to correctly distribute your bedroom when renovating it. Room renovations are more common than is believed, this space turns out to be one of the...

4 Ideas to renovate your kitchen with charm

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen to renew its image and still do not know where to start, here are the best ideas to achieve that excellent change you are looking for. Reforming the kitchen of your home is an activity that must take...

Trends in office interior design in Barcelona

The constant evolution in jobs, the new technologies and ways to work, have led to the birth of current trends in office interior design in Barcelona and all of Europe. This has made this task something essential for the increase in productivity in companies all over...

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Renders: The latest design tool for architects.

Years ago the presentation of design and architecture was made using architectural models, a small scaled reproduction of a space in carton. These models played an important role in the perception of the space to the client, as they show physically the ideas proposed...

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The personal shopper in interior design

Your ultimate ally to have design spaces The world of interior design keeps growing and changing constantly, it follows fad design trends and not always what we see on a magazine or on Pinterest is the best style fit for our space. Thousands of products and brands...

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The industrial style

The art of converting old factories into a home The industrial revolution changed dramatically the structure of the cities in Europe, and as the cities became more important, factories and more factories started to develop in the areas that at that time seemed far way...

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The perfect checklist for terrace renovation

How many times have you dreamed of having an oasis in your own home? Probably often, but do you know how close you are to realising your dream? Balconies and terraces are ideal spaces for incredible transformations that will make your home become the idyll you’ve...

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How to budget for home renovations

If you are thinking of renovating your home, you will need to work out a budget. Here we’ll show you how to calculate all the costs and keep your budget under control. How to budget for a comprehensive renovation? There are important elements that will serve as a...

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8 Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

A remodelled kitchen is a great improvement for any home, but it is not the easiest project to undertake. When you are planning to renovate this area, it’s important that you take the time to consider the variables and everything needed, to obtain the remodelling you...

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