Are you looking for a budget for the integral renovation of a detached house?

In this post we show you the different factors you must keep in mind when looking for a budget for the integral renovation of a detached house. They’re of the utmost importance, as thanks to them you’ll be able to avoid setbacks, unexpected expenses and misunderstandings when the work is being executed.

In the same way, to renovate a detached home, you need several very important previous tasks, among them coming up with a budget to show in detail everything regarding said renovation and the costs of executing it.

Steps to make up a budget for the integral renovation of a detached house

  • Completely revise the detached house

It’s the first thing you must do when you decide to renovate a detached house, you need to revise every area in it and make a list with the parts that need bigger changes or repairs, as they Will be the ones that will define the budget.

checklist detached house budget

  • Identifying the tasks to be done

Once all areas of the detached house have been revised, you need to identify the kinds of tasks to be done during the renovation, which will be different depending on the structure. In some cases, the structure is made of wood and requires bigger carpentry works. On the other hand, some houses are over 30 years old and require some replacements in installations and pipes due to wear and tear.

Among the tasks that are usually done during renovations are:

  • Bricklaying work
  • Interior and exterior carpentry
  • Heating and plumbing
  • Electrical and light installations
  • Ceramic cladding
  • Floors
  • Kitchen renovations and furniture
  • Paint jobs


  • Keeping in mind unforeseen and out-of-budget expenses

These are usually the expenses that aren’t taken into account because they’re outside the renovation activities, but they’re still needed. For example, having a rubble container, or the necessary permits to do demolitions and renovations among others.

  • Calculating the renovation’s cost

It’s important to have an idea of the final cost of the renovation, keeping in mind that it can vary according to the house’s structure, its location, the service’s demand, etc. To achieve this you need to know the following details to avoid surprises when requesting a budget for the integral renovation of a detached house:

  • Square metres of the house:

It’s one of the most important elements to calculate the cost of the renovation. You need to measure the length and width of every area of the house so that a sum total can be calculated. The square metre is usually taken as an indicator to know the approximate costs.

In Barcelona, it’s usually between 300 and 500 Euro per square metre.

  • The quality of the materials

It can influence up to 40% of the cost. Choosing a low quality of the materials can mean a sizeable reduction in the total cost of the renovation, however, it would be a negative in the long term due to their durability.

  • Demolition work

In most cases, this kind of renovation requires demolition and removal of some structural elements, which means an increase in the costs in the budget.

Knowing the details and factors that conform a budget for the integral renovation of a detached house, won’t only help you to know the estimated cost of the renovation, but it will also guide you when trying to choose the appropriate company for said activity.

It’ll be much better if said company has an architect or a person to advise you when it comes to the design and space redistribution of the house. It must also have qualified personnel and the necessary experience to guarantee the quality of the work and to finish it within the fixed time limits.


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