The price of house renovation can be lowered with some tricks that end up in bad results. We explain you which deceptions you need to avoid at all cost and its consequences.

Cheap house refurbishments can seem like an incredible offer, and opportunity to renovate a space at a comfortable price. However not everything that shines is gold and in this case, it is no exception.

When determining the price of an integral home improvement, some cost may be cut and some cheats may be done. In short term, these changes may work but in the long term they are extremely damaging.

It is important to avoid these traps, as fixing them can be more expensive. Learn what to look for when consulting an integral reform company in Barcelona and how to detect a potential deception.

How to know if the price of an integral reform is the appropriated?

Initial budget unrealistically low

First off, when planning an integral reform, one of the first processes is to consult the budget in different home renovation companies.

During these consultations, there is a possibility that one of these companies proposes an extremely low budget compared to the others. This may seem like a good deal but you should be alert and suspicious.

It is possible that some companies offer better budgets but such a low budget so low is not common and it indicates a possible future problems in your house.

Problems may arise throughout the renovation that require raising the price proposed for the house renovation and the final price ends up being similar to those offered by other companies initially.

This can be a plan with bad intentions to attract customers or without the appropriate knowledge beforehand, i.e. little experience.

To avoid this problem remember that no one works at a loss of money; consider the cost of the reform and a rational profit margin for the comprehensive reform enterprise.

If you don’t know how to calculate how much it costs to renovate a house, we offer you some excellent tips to determine it without problems.

Materials of dubious quality

The price of a comprehensive reform depends on many factors, one of the most significant being the type of materials used.

A very erroneous way of reducing the price of a reform is to opt for poor quality materials. They can look impeccable for a short time and then deteriorate quickly.

Of course, the companies of integral reforms that select these materials knowingly of these problems will not mention it. They will only show the low total budget price for materials.

The client is attracted by this low cost and accepts without knowing the hardships that can be the tiles that break easily, toilets without spare parts to be of strange brands, unstable furniture, among others.

To avoid this problem we recommend you to ask for a detailed budget of the materials and consult the type of material to be used, how it will be placed and verify that they are reliable materials and with agreed prices.

We recommend you to know some tips to choose appropriate materials and finishes.

House renovation unqualified personnel

This point is extremely important. No matter how little work you want to do, it’s remarkable how much of a difference it can make to have someone with experience and skills.

If the personnel are not qualified for the tasks to be carried out, the quality of the work will be bad even if the best materials are available, that is, there can be a waste of materials, time and money.

house renovation workers

Another risk factor when having inexperienced operators is that there is a greater possibility that they are not contracted or have Social Security.

What problem does this cause? If there is any accident or inspection during the renovation, the owner of the house who acts as representative of the works is fined and can even cause them to be paralyzed for months.

To avoid this problem, make sure that staff have good credentials and are trustworthy.

Abandonment of house renovation unfinished

We have already commented how alarming an abnormally low price of a house renovation should be, plus another variation to this signal is the abandonment halfway through the house renovation.

For example, in determining the price of comprehensive reform, work may be divided into stages, with the first stages being the most expensive and the final ones absurdly cheap, giving a cheap budget overall.

house renovation unfinished

Be careful with these budgets, as it is possible that when they collect the expensive sections, the company disappears and does not finish the renovation because there is not enough monetary compensation.

To avoid this problem, consult only companies with a reliable history and good opinions from customers.

VB Reformas integrales house renovation

To facilitate communication during the renovation with the architects and allow you to take charge, we offer you these keys to understand the necessary terms.

With these tips you will be able to avoid the deceptions of cheap comprehensive reforms. Consult the prices of integral reforms in Barcelona with all these tips in mind and you will get a good reform.

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