Are you thinking about renovating your room and don’t know where to start? In this post we explain how to correctly distribute your bedroom when renovating it.

Room renovations are more common than is believed, this space turns out to be one of the least visited of the home.  However, it also represents the area that we spend the most time in, so we must do whatever is necessary to make this space as pleasant as possible.

dormitorio reforma

Distribution is the secret of harmony

It is not just a matter of changing the color of the walls or choosing other furniture, but also of organising the space in such a way that it is comfortable to move from one place to another within the bedroom without any complications.

Similarly, it is necessary to take into account different factors that help harmonize the environment, such as the entry of natural light and air, the position of the bed and furniture that make up the bedroom, in order to create a quiet and pleasant environment.

Tips for distributing your bedroom correctly

In order to distribute your bedroom correctly once it has been renovated, you can follow some tips that we will mention below, which will give your room the necessary comfort and the atmosphere that you are looking for:

  • The bed: This is considered the main element of the bedroom, the rest of the furniture is located around it, therefore it must have its space to balance the environment that conforms. The right thing is to have 60 cm of separation on each side of the bed to make access easy and comfortable.
  • The wardrobe: It occupies a large part of the available space in the room, it is necessary that its separation from the bed be at least 1 metre, so that its doors can be opened without problems. Inside, the wardrobe must have specific dimensions: 1.2 m wide by 40 cm deep, choose the optimal organization that allows you to save space inside it.
  • The window: Despite occupying part of one of the walls of the room, the window is an element whose space under it can be used, either by placing a table, or creating a study area where the entry of light is exploited.
  • The corners: They are the ideal spaces to place a study table, with the computer included, besides locating mini libraries in the superior part of the walls.
  • The night table: This accessory is very important in every bedroom, it rests our cell phone, book, glasses, lamp and even alarm clock, therefore it must be next to the bed, and should not measure more than 50 cm, not to recharge the space available.

In the same way it should not be higher than the mattress, this for greater comfort when taking any object that is on it.

distribuir dormitorio

Important tips when distributing your bedroom

The following are some tricks that can give the bedroom sublime details that create a much more cozy atmosphere.

– The view in the mornings: The location of the bed is a very relevant detail, orienting it towards the window or placing it next to it, will allow you to enjoy the natural light in the mornings.

– Sizes: If you opt for low-height furnishings, you may have the feeling of a higher ceiling and therefore more space.

– Do not overload:  Leaving at least half of the walls free of any furniture will give more balance to the distribution of the dimensions of the room, also increase the feeling of more space.

Following the above tips will not only help you achieve the correct distribution of your bedroom, but will also allow you to customize and take advantage of the dimensions of the room.  In addition, this personalization will create an environment that will be pleasant for you.

Since the bedroom is the room you spend the most time in when you’re at home, how would you like to distribute your bedroom when you renovate it?


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