Decorating the wedding bedroom can give a special closeness and transform it into a more pleasant place. Learn the best styles to have a modern dream room.

Giving our personal touch to room can improve it and make it cozier, this is especially important to do when decorating the double room

This room must be ideal to relax and win this well-deserved rest after a day’s work, it must be comfortable and pleasant for both who use it

That is why we will share suggestions on how to achieve that perfect decoration and how to take the bedroom to the next level.

Do you know how to decorate your bedroom with style?


Warmth with white and wood colors

Wood is an extremely useful material when transmitting the feeling of comfort and warmth needed in a bedroom

Using excess of wood tones can give a very heavy appearance; this is why it should be lightened with cream or white tones.

Las paletas de color blanco son perfectas para hacer un buen contraste y transmitir frescura en el ambiente. Acompañar esta paleta con colores arena u ocres termina dando los ajustes finales.

The white palettes are perfect to make a good contrast and convey freshness in the environment. Mixing this palette with sand or ocher colors can give us the final adjustments

Use the freshness of the sea

What is the first thing we think when we talk about the ocean?

Soft waves, clear sand and total relaxation can be the first things we can think of and that is why this concept is so good for decorating the double room

To convey this feeling, you can use a palette of blue and white colors. A light brown floor can simulate the color of sand and some wooden decorations to transport the ocean to this room.


Contemporary gray decoration

Los colores neutros y sobrios como el verde y el gris pueden ser equilibrados para lograr un acabado elegante y moderno.

Neutral and sober colors such as green and gray can be balanced to achieve an elegant and modern finish

Take advantage of the textures and good lighting allows giving good depth to the room. Finally, metallic color accessories work as good complements


The beauty of the nature

The simplicity and tranquility that natural materials can transmit can be the best way to give a bedroom a pleasant lightness

The organic materials such as cotton, light wood and natural fiber fabrics can be used to achieve this finish. Light and clear colors complement the décor.


Romantic Classic Style

Este no puede faltar entre las opciones, después de todo el romanticismo nunca muere y puede ser expresado en el dormitorio con mucha presencia y estilo.

This cannot be missed among the options, after all the romanticism never dies and can be expressed in the bedroom with a lot of presence and style

For this it is useful to use white wood, clear moldings and natural fabrics. Accompanying everything with our favorite color palette allows you to get that elegant finish.


Which bedroom style do you like best?

We hope that all these styles work as inspiration if you want to decorate the double bedroom.

As for the appropriate distribution to achieve during decoration, we recommend you read this article that can work as guidance.

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