With a new decade comes new styles, get to know the new decoration trends 2020 so that the renovation you are planning is in accordance with the new year.

The beginning of the new year brings many goals and wishes to accomplish, it could be that you choose to learn a new language, take that trip that you want so much or finally make a complete change to your home.

When doing a whole renovation to your apartment, you have a blank canvas to decide which styles to choose. If you wish to be at the cutting edge, we present to you the new decoration trends of 2020.bedroom trend decoration

Besides, if you decide to do a renovation in an apartment in Barcelona, it’s possible that it would be in a modern style that requires a careful remodel which maintains it’s classical charm but which improves it’s functionality.

That’s why we will make an outline considering the common problems with this type of renovation, and how to adapt the new trends of 2020 to a modernist apartment without dying in the attempt.

New era with open spaces

Generally, classical modernist apartments have separate spaces. That is to say, the dining room is found separate from the lounge and the kitchen, every one in their respective room, separated by long hallways.

Naturally, in all actuality we like to be more connected and a home with so many restrictions interrupts the ease with which we get around the home, communicate and use the space in a continuous way in our day to day.

Therefore, a recommendable change is to join the common areas creating an open and spacious atmosphere, increasing the light of the place and making it more functional.

These are important changes and to plan them you can consult a trustworthy renovation company to guide you. Some companies use spacial programmes called Renders that simulate how the finished apartment will look.

This is a great help to make your final decision. If your renovation is in Barcelona, at VB Reformes you can count on all the reliable consultancy that a company with more than a decade of experience can provide.

Minimalism is more present than ever

“Less is more” is the most iconic phrase of this style of decoration, which is in the greatest growth. The need to maintain the order and optimise the functionality are the main causes of its rise in interior design.

minimalist decoration living room

Ample and bright spaces are the focus in decoration trends this 2020. Furthermore, to create open spaces to employ a minimalist decoration style is another alternative to convey this emotion in our apartments.

The art of interior design, to create spaces with grand design where the minimum necessary has been used. To maintain the balance between simplicity, functionality and style is one of the biggest trends which continues to grow.

The natural and the neutral are your best allies

The palette of neutral and clear colours has grown and they are the ones with the greatest prospect this 2020. Its growing use allows for the creation of an environment which gives the sensation of a spacious room.

Oranges and light browns are the main colours, leaving aside temperate colours like grey and creating a warmer setting. Terracotas and light chocolate colours are other options in great use.

As best accompaniment for light colours, notably taking advantage of natural lighting. In this aspect, it’s convenient to keep large classic windows or plan to add new ones.

You will improve the thermal and acoustic insulation

The growing use of natural lighting reflects our growing conscience of energy saving, and creates cosier and warmer environments in our homes than artificial lighting.

That’s why it’s necessary in the case of keeping spectacular windows, old stain-glassed windows, to improve insulation with modern materials to be able to save heating energy.

With regards to acoustic insulation of the walls, it’s a necessary improvement in bustling cities like Barcelona where the apartments below could suffer a constant racket. Rest and Calm are the priority after all.

Industrial windows acustic

These types of improvements generally require internal work on the walls of the house, since law usually prohibits modifications to the appearance of the dwelling.

To plan these type of important modifications is necessary for a renovation. Since it can be a confusing process, we have created a Mega home renovation guide in Barcelona that can be a great help to you.

Can you notice the pattern of these 2020 trends?

Minimal, spacious and warm are the biggest decoration trends. This seems to be a combination that will live on the world of interior design.

However, if your are still not sure about approaching this new style, we invite you to look at some excellent advice to decorate your home so that it never goes out of fashion.

Do these new decoration trends excite you?

Don’t forget to leave us your opinion in the comments.

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