One of the best districts to live in all of Barcelona is without a doubt Horta-Guinardó, and the reasons are obvious. It’s made up of 11 neighbourhoods, which enjoy a great diversity of landscapes and architectures, but with the tranquillity of their streets as a common denominator.

Said neighbourhoods have a great variety of buildings, with architectural designs in a rural style that still remains today. A very nice and comfortable ambience with a village atmosphere in which tranquillity reigns due to its distance from the city centre.

Living in any of the areas or neighbourhoods of this district means enjoying its landscapes and the cosiness of its inhabitants and streets. And even more so if your home is personalised to your taste. Otherwise, renovating your flat in Horta-Guinardó could be an excellent idea.

Why renovate in Horta-Guinardó?

Flats in these areas have design and construction characteristics that provide plenty of freedom when it comes to doing renovations in these homes in Horta-Guinardó. They usually have the dimensions and open spaces to allow modifications or renovations to improve their comfort and market value.

If you decide to do renovations in Horta-Guinardó, it’s important to choose companies with qualified personnel and proven experience. So that they can not only guarantee a quality job, but also offer you different options for designs and renovations adapted to your budget, tastes and wishes.

Renovating your home in Horta-Guinardó involves many activities, whether it includes the whole flat (integral) or if you only wish to renovate the kitchen, a bathroom, or one part of the home (partial). It will always be needed to do a complete and exhaustive revision of your whole home to correct details or damages.

The main renovations to be done in Horta-Guinardó are as follows:


Most buildings in this district have flats with terraces and balconies, so they are very common.

Retouching the paint that’s possibly been damaged by water and sun, replacing doors and windows and optimising the available space are usually the most common renovations in this part of the flats.


Next to kitchens, bathrooms represent the areas in flats which are most often in need of renovations.

reforma de baño
Personalising and creating a harmonious and enjoyable ambience in bathrooms, through relocating its elements, installing new pavements in nice colours and subtle paint tones, achieve very aesthetical and attractive results.


They suffer the most use and wear throughout the flat. It’s necessary to replace or retouch the hydraulic pavements or hardwood they are made of. This element is of great importance as it’s one of the ones that brings the most harmony to the flat’s environment.


The queen of solicited renovations, these spaces are usually the ones with the most needs when it comes to design and comfort.

reforma cocina minimalista

Modifying the space distribution and the order of its components (bar, sink, oven, etc.) are usually the most common renovations in kitchens. It’s possible to use porcelain floors in subtle tones, or to use wood as the main element, which will give shape and colour to its image.

Pipes and electrical installations

As one of the fundamental elements in flats, doing a deep revision of every pipe (water, heating, air conditioning) and electrical installation is totally necessary, even if you choose to do partial renovations.

Replacing and improving said installations is mandatory. With it, you avoid any damage due to filtrations or electrical errors due to their age.


Doing renovations in Horta-Guinardó comes with several advantages. It will not only spruce up and actualise your flat’s image, it will also make it more enjoyable and cosier once you’ve renovated it to your taste. Not to mention it will increase its value, making your patrimony grow.

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