Is it a good idea to do renovations in a flat in the Sant Andreu district? The answer is yes, as said renovation won’t only update the image and improve the state of the home, but can also turn it into a wonderful business opportunity.

Not only because once renovated the flat will increase its value, but also because the boom of companies such as Airbnb and the significant rise in tourism will turn it into a potential economic opportunity and a great investment.

Why do renovations in Sant Andreu?

Its closeness to the city centre, the ease of access to transportation and services, and the diversity of leisure and entertainment areas, make Sant Andreu one of the most attractive districts to be chosen as a place to live or spend some time.

Sant Andreu is one of the districts with the longest history in all of Barcelona, and one of its biggest virtues is the profound respect its inhabitants have for their traditions, which are some of the most ingrained of all the nation.

In its streets you can breathe in the tranquillity that is only offered by the village atmosphere that still reigns there, despite its great economic and social activity. The calm in its streets is one of its main characteristics as well as the modernist and rationalist architecture of its buildings that give it a unique attractive.

The reasons to acquire a flat in any area of Sant Andreu, whether to invest or as a home, turns out to be an excellent idea.

But in most cases, buildings in Sant Andreu are on average more than 60 or 70 years old, which translates into possible wear and damage in their structure or parts of it.

Reasons to do renovations in the flats of Sant Andreu, are almost mandatory activities, whether they’re partial or integral. It’ll depend on the current state of the flat, the degree of damage, its dimensions and the architecture or design both inside and out.

 Possible renovations to do in Sant Andreu flats

Flats in Sant Andreu have several characteristics in common, as most of the buildings are built under modernist architecture, which includes the same style, materials and no more than 100 m2 (on average).

Hence, when it’s time to do renovations in Sant Andreu, activities are almost always the same, which provides the freedom to completely personalise your home without making special and expensive designs.

Among the main renovations that can be done to a flat in Sant Andreu are the following:

  • Space redistribution

It’s one of the renovations which are most solicited by the people who wish to use their flat as a rental for tourists or students. The aim is to change the distribution of the space to make the most out of it.

Barcelona renovations

For example, two big rooms can be turned into three small rooms, decrease the space occupied by the kitchen and use it to build a dining room, etc.

  • Lift

Most buildings in Sant Andreu have a lift, which due to continuous use and age is usually damaged or deteriorated.

It’s very important to renovate said lift, in its electro-mechanical parts as well as its appearance, as it’s a part of the building’s image.

  • Paint, finishes in walls and ceiling

Walls in these buildings show a lot of damage due to climate changes present throughout the year, which damages the surface and with it the paint of walls and ceiling.

In this case it’s one of the opportunities to personalise your home, and choose colours according to the decoration and style that will give the flat a cosy atmosphere.

  • Electrical and water installations

Without a doubt one of the most important activities to do during the renovations is to revise every pipe and installation in the flat, analyse their state and replace what’s damaged to make the renovations last for a long time.

  • Temperature control systems

It mainly refers to the air conditioning and heating system. The aim is to update the devices, do corrective maintenance and replace damaged components.

  • Floors

As one of the parts of flats which show more wear and tear, it’s recommended to replace and retouch the tiles or hydraulic pavements as they lose hardness and resistance.

Renovating a flat in Sant Andreu means executing different activities in remodelling as well as maintenance. The former are the most important and common in this kind of flats.


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