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VB is more than a design-build firm in Barcelona, our job is to make our clients’ dreams come true.

Vitaliy from Ukraine and Florencia from Uruguay met in Madrid, fell in love with each other, and decided to settle down in Barcelona.

An innate entrepreneur and leader, Vitaliy chose to be his own boss, even though he was well aware it wasn’t going to be easy.


That was how VB came into being – from a simple idea underpinned by an ambitious dream.


We started from scratch, but we were ready to work hard. At first, Vitaliy only found painting gigs. Starting is never easy, but patience was something he never lacked.

As time went by, we began to have more clients, and there came a day, when we were entrusted with an integral remodeling. It was pretty basic and low budget, but it was a breakthrough for us, and we tried to deliver exceptional quality.

Life is full of surprises, and fortune works in unpredictable ways. In our case, it manifested itself when an old friend of Vitaliy’s from his football past told him that he had passed his phone number to a very important man, who needed a renovation. Before long, that VIP client called.


It was an absolutely new experience for us, a real challenge, but we never lacked audacity. The client was happy with what we delivered, and the bar we set for ourselves was really high.

That win kick-started our success.

After that first collaboration, this VIP client has come back to us on numerous occasions with equally high-level projects, but we also started getting a lot of new requests from people interested in this unique combination of impeccable project planning and management – Florencia’s domain, and the remodeling works as such, done with the punctuality, integrity, and attention to detail, inherent to Vitaliy.

We make our clients’ dreams come true, by putting into life the idea of a perfect home born in their imagination.

Owing to our designer and a unique crew of professionals, our clients have enough confidence in our ability to transform their spaces, and in turn, we always bring to the table our integrity, expertise and creativity.


About us

We will create a home of your dreams

We love what we do, and it shows on every stage of an integral remodeling project. We like to tackle original projects, and we are grateful to our customers, who have confidence in our experience and
entrust us with the most challenging tasks.


Our Mission

Develop design-build projects with maximum attention and respect to customer needs throughout the entire process and in compliance with the highest standards of quality and service.


VB Vision

Continue growing to become one of the leaders of the design-build market, evolving as a team, improving our processes and constantly innovating to deliver projects that will exceed customer expectations.

Our team







Executive Assistant to CEO


Project Manager
Our offices

A unique space with a mix of colour, light and materials

Iron is the core element, and to balance it off, we used natural wood parquet, which makes the place feel warmer and cosier.

Thus, we were able to craft a practical, dynamic and appealing space, where we can grow as a team and exchange knowledge and ideas.

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