The materials and finishings are essential elements at the time of doing any kind of renovation – the key is knowing how to choose them, so that they fulfill your needs without compromising the style that you want.

If you are thinking about renovating your floor don’t forget the importance of the materials and the finishings that will be used, as these will be part of your floor’s style, and will determine if your renovation project will be successful or not.

You need to be clear about the kind of decoration that you prefer. You can determine this at the time of choosing your materials, although weather conditions, and spaces, are also factors to consider when thinking about the kind of decoration you want.

A dream floor

Floors with wooden finishings are the favorite of many, but they are usually more delicate and require more maintenance. However, they are ideal for cold places where home heating is needed, even if it’s just during some months of the year.

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On the contrary, ceramic floors are robust and easier to maintain. They have pretty and varied finishings, which adapt to different decoration styles.

Porcelain floors are also very robust and offer a good amount of durability. However, this kind of floor is more expensive.

There are also very modern floorings in the market, which have a mirror-type effect. They are shiny and offer a lot of light.

There’s also vinyl floors, which allow you to renovate any space without a lot of work. They are economic, practical, robust, and easy to maintain. They have a good variety of finishings, but the most used finishings are the ones that imitate stones, ceramics or wood.

The truth is that there are many materials in the market which you can use to renovate your floor, and give a different appearance to your spaces. However, before choosing your materials, examine which material adapts better to the style that you want, and the type of maintenance that they need – that’s what will determine your decision.

Perfect walls

Many times, home renovations require taking out walls, building new walls, or coating them. Because of that, if you want to change the distribution of spaces you can use plasterboard, a low cost material that is very easy to install and remove.

If you want to give a rustic touch to your spaces you can use stones or bricks.

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Wallpapers offer different kinds, patterns and colors which you can work with contrasts, to give a modern touch to your spaces.

In this case vinyls are also a great decorative alternative, as they provide a very nice decorative touch to your walls. They are usually cheap and easy to use.

However, just using paint is one of the most used alternatives, as it allows you to transform your spaces quickly, by spending less money. You can combine different colors, or be more conservative and maintain only one color in different spaces.

Look for equilibrium

At the moment of choosing materials and finishings for renovating your floor, you need to look for an equilibrium between all the elements, so that all of them maintain harmony, and combine to form a great finishing.

Also, don’t forget the size of your spaces at the moment of choosing your materials. It’s always preferable to count on materials that allow you to keep more space, instead of the opposite.

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Also consider maintenance: Not all materials require the same care, and the costs of their maintenance is also not equal.

What’s most important is choosing materials and finishings

  • Of good quality
  • Which have personality, but keep the style that you want
  • And where each of the elements combines well

If you have these aspects in mind while choosing your finishings and materials, your entire renovation will be a success.

Review your renovation ideas, and you’ll see that choosing the best materials is not that complicated. Just have in mind these recommendations, and you’ll make the right choices. Are you ready?

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