The bathroom represents, next to the kitchen, one of the most used parts of the house or flat. Thus, it’s the one which suffers the most wear and tear. Elements such as plumbing, walls and floors are damaged after some time, so in those cases a total renovation of the bathroom is more than necessary.

And if you’ve already decided to renovate the bathroom, the first step is to identify and be clear on what kind of renovation it will be, the quality of the materials, and the company that will do the work. To do that, it’s convenient to request budgets from different companies that will also give you the needed advice to guide you in making the best choice.

How much does it cost to renovate the bathroom?

A budget is made up of different parts that add up to the total cost of the bathroom renovation. Its price can vary according to some criteria such as the quality of the materials, the size of the room and the style you’ve chosen for it.

This kind of budget is divided in different sections, and each of them directly affects the total cost of the bathroom renovation. The best way to identify each of these sections and their approximate price is to look at them individually.

Analysis of budget for bathroom renovations and its approximate cost


 750 Euro approximately

It refers directly to every internal installation in the bathroom: plumbing, electrical and heating.

Electrical installations

This includes replacing every cord, device or pipe which has been damaged or worn through the years. In some cases, electrical installations present severe damage that requires a complete replacement of the installation.

It’s very important to choose good quality materials as the bathroom’s humidity can make the pipes rust.


It includes every pipe in the bathroom, as well as faucets and toilets, which, depending on age, will mostly need to be replaced, which can mean a complete redistribution of all the plumbing to make better use of the space.


This includes maintaining the entire heating system in the bathroom, including the radiator and its circuits.

Tiles and pavements

80-100 euro/m2; approximately 1600 euro

Usually in bathroom renovations all the old pavements and tiles are replaced, as it’s of the utmost importance to completely transform the space and create a new environment. In the same way the materials chosen for this part must be of a great quality, as the humidity will be constant.

In the case of the walls, use ceramic tiles to give the environment life and balance. Otherwise, gresite or glass tiles are a Good option, as well as porcelain gres.

azulejos en reforma de baño

In the floors, coating must be completely replaced, and it’s recommended to use materials that can handle extremely humid environments such as gres or ceramic gres, as durability is paramount.

Accessories and toilets

Cost: 2200 euro approximately

It represents the costliest part of the whole renovation, and its price influences 40% of the total budget. In this case the cost will depend on the models, brands and kinds of materials you choose.

In the same way, the amount of accessories you choose to install in your bathroom (bidet, shower, sink, etc.) as long as the space allows them.

detalles reforma de baño

The approximate total budget for a normal-sized bathroom (6m2) is 4500 euro. This price can vary according to the professionals in the company you choose to hire to do the renovation of your bathroom.

Before doing the renovation, we recommend requesting several budgets to analyse their details and choose the most appropriate one according to price and fit with your tastes.


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