It is a common question to make at the time of making the integral reform. What will be the price for reforming a house? We share with you important aspects that will help you answer this question.

The day of this important moment has come and a very necessary reform must be done to a 20-30- year old house in order to restore its former glory with certain modern arrangements.

It is necessary to calculate beforehand how much the price of this complete renovation of the house will be. Planning the budget and the time it will take is necessary.

However it can be confusing to estimate the price of the house reforming. Since renovations of old houses are not frequent, this type of calculation is not usually handled.

That’s why in order to help you in this task; we will present some important guidelines to take into account to predict the cost of an integral reform of a house.

How do you know how much it will cost to renovate an old house?

1.- Consider necessary changes

Before we move on to number and calculations, something that we must properly consider in order to reform an old house are the shortcomings that it presents.

It is generally necessary to renovate an old house for two main reasons: Firstly, to repair structural damage due to the passage of time and secondly because of its great lack of functionality.

The structure of these old houses has been exposed to the inclemency of wear and tear for years. Deterioration, leaks and failures may require repairs and replacement of materials.

On the other hand, functionality is a factor that goes beyond aesthetics; which focuses more on the logical arrangement of things in the home.

With a good distribution the well-being is increased and the spaces are used to the maximum.

2.- Think of the style you desire

The exciting thing about reforming an old house is that it can achieve a harmonious balance between the past and the present. Thinking about the style you want to achieve is very important.

old house reform

The old houses have a unique charm that it would be a pity to eliminate during the whole reform. Therefore, before starting it is advisable to consult a professional who will guide you to which style to decide.

If you want some inspiration, here are some ideas for renovating a charming old town house.

3.- The amount of space is a keystone

The first thing to consider if you want to start the reform of an old house is how much space we want to work with.

This is due to the fact that the price of a complete reform of a house depends greatly on how many square meters are planned to remodel.

old house renovation

Therefore there will be a big difference in the cost of renovating the house if you decide to work with only a few rooms or the whole houseIt is estimated that a simple reform can cost from 300 to 800 euros per square meter.

It should be noted that these budgets vary greatly depending various factors such as labor, the rooms to be remodeled and the materials.

We recommend that you take a look at these peculiarities of interior refurbishment, in order to get ideas of the spaces you could work on and how to do so easily

3.- Don’t forget the licenses to be processed and taxes

City council taxes must be included in the budget. Licence fees for major works and taxes on constructions and works are necessary during the refurbishment works of the old house.

We recommend investigating how much the amount would be depending on the locality, given that these rates are different depending on the council and municipality, presenting from 5% to 7% of the cost of the work.

Generally, building permits cost around €2,000. In addition, if the possibilities are investigated, it is viable to obtain a subsidy, VAT and reduced rates in the event that comprehensive reforms are carried out in empty dwellings.

4.- Let’s have the necessary manpower

Hiring a team of specialized experts is necessary to achieve the reform in a reasonable time and with professional finishes.

The budget must reflect the cost of the technicians who are going to participate in the integral reform of the old house.

When selecting these specialists, it is best to look for those with experience remodeling older homes because they are familiar with the challenges this brings.

To count with an architect is of great help, because he will make us the technical project necessary for the proceedings of licenses and permissions.

Additionally, a construction manager is required to supervise and make sure that the integral reform of the house is carried out properly.

5.- Materials, the secret of the price of a comprehensive reform

One of the most important aspects when estimating the price of an old house renovation is the type of material selected.

This selection requires a balance between cost, durability and market availability.

The best thing for this process is to have the advice of a professional who understands our needs and saves us time and bad times.

In addition, a major concern today is our impact on the environment and how to lead a more sustainable life. This implies, of course, the materials that we select for the integral reform of the house.

old house renovation

If you want to know more details to achieve a sustainable reform, we invite you to read these keys that can be of great help.

6.- Breakdown the budget

An excellent practice for calculating in detail the price of a comprehensive home improvement is to separate all costs.

This can be done either by rooms to work or by the phases into which the work is to be divided.

Performing this process is very practical in order to control the budget throughout the reform and modify it as needed. This may include the cost of materials, labor, and the estimated time to complete that section.

house old bathroom renovation

This gives a glimpse of how much capital we will need to renovate a house and therefore begin to manage the money to make the final decision.

One way to obtain the necessary capital for the reform is to apply for a loan or a mortgage; we invite you to learn more about this process, its benefits and its cons.

With these factors in mind, you will be able to calculate your approximate budget based on excellent aspects.

Don’t forget to share your opinions and doubts

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