Do you want to renovate your bathroom, but you don’t know which sink or faucet you should choose? Don’t fret! We’ll teach you how to choose the best sink and/or faucet for you so that your renovation ends up being perfect.  

The sink is one of the bathroom fixtures which is used the most in a house. Because of this, you should choose your sink based on what you really need. 

And although your final choice of sink will depend on your personal tastes, you can’t overlook its measurements – its width, depth and height. This is because, in many instances, the space available for installing a sink is limited. 

There’s no doubt that, at the time of choosing a new sink, you need to have in mind not only its appearance, but you also need to make sure that the sink you choose is both practical and functional. 


Two or one 

If you have enough space, it could be more comfortable for you to have more than one sink, especially if you live with your romantic partner, and you install the two sinks in the bathroom of the main room. 

However, if you are thinking about installing two sinks in the bathroom that you share with your children, you could consider the option of installing two sinks of different heights close together, so that your little ones can use the shorter sink. 

Either way, it’s important to maintain the aesthetics and style of your bathroom at the moment of installing a new sink. 



With a storage cabinet, or suspended 

Sinks integrated on storage cabinets are very practical for small spaces, especially when you need the storage space. 

On the contrary, if you have enough space and don’t require such a storage cabinet, suspended sinks are an excellent alternative – they are modern, minimalist, and their maintenance is more simple. 


Materials and models 

In the market there are different sink models available, as well as sinks made in different materials. You can find sinks made of glass, metal, ceramic, resin, porcelain, stone, among other materials. You can also find squared, round, rectangular, and oval-shaped sinks, among others. 

Have in mind that some materials require more hygiene and maintenance, such as glass and metal. 

Ceramic sinks can be cleaned with many different cleaning products, and they are also resistant to scratches and hits. 



Select the right kind and style of faucet

The three most common kinds of faucets are: 

  • Center-set: With one handle for hot water and another one for cold water 
  • Single-handle: Where only one orifice is needed, and the water control is integrated in the body of the faucet 
  • Spread-fit: Which unlike the single-handle faucets has separate water controls 

Chrome-plated faucets are the most classic ones, although you can find more modern and elegant options in the market such as bronze, gold or nickel plated faucets. 



At the time of choosing the faucet for your new sink don’t forget to verify the water pressure that each faucet offers. Also, don’t forget about the maintenance that all faucets eventually need. For instance, matte finishes are more difficult to clean and maintain. 

Choosing a good sink and faucet will add a lot of personality to any style you want for your bathroom. Analyze each one of these recommendations, and have a successful renovation! 


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