How to choose a new style for your floor renovation in four steps

No matter what kind of floor renovation you intend to do, it can’t be done without taking into account the style and decoration that you want for your floor. Because of that, here you will find several guidelines that will help you make sure that you choose the perfect floor style according to your tastes, needs, and latest trends.

¿What do you want? ¿What will make you feel comfortable? ¿Which style is more “you”?

These are some of the questions that you must ask yourself before choosing the new floor style that you want to implement.

The idea is that all the elements that you choose project harmony, serenity, and that you feel identified with each one of them.

When you renovate your floor you are probably looking for something new, pretty, and a space that is functional, and also makes you feel comfortable.

Maybe you don’t know how to get started in choosing your new floor style, but in reality it is much easier than it looks – just follow these four steps, and you’ll be ready to choose in no time:


1.- Do your research

Do your research and inform yourself about the different floor styles that are available: Classic, modern, industrial, minimalist, nautical, rustic, vintage, oriental, romantic, etc. Study each style and write down the elements or characteristics that you prefer from each style. Then you can follow one particular style, or create your own.

In order to do this you may use decoration magazines, blogs and videos. Rely mainly on sources which have lots of images, as they will help you visualize styles adjusted to your space. Here’s our Pinterest profile so you can check out ideas.

Doing this research will also help you evaluate different materials, forms and colors that will be decisive for choosing your new style – you will list these elements in the next step.


2.- Make a list of what you want

List each of the elements that you would like to have on your floor, and try to organize them by priority.

How to choose a new style for your floor renovation in four steps

Review the materials, forms, colors, furniture, and accessories that you want. Think about how each one of them make you feel, and if all of them are in harmony between what you desire, what you feel, and what you need.


3.- Write down what you don’t want

Also have in mind what you don’t like, specially at the time of buying the materials, paint, furniture and/or accessories for your floor. That way, if you have to get a different element due to availability or budget issues, you’ll avoid getting one you don’t want.


4.- ¡Don’t worry!

If you are having difficulties deciding which style to use, you can combine two or three styles according to your tastes, or you can just create your own style by taking and implementing elements from various styles and trends.

How to choose a new style for your floor renovation in four steps

What’s most important is that whatever you choose looks and works perfectly in the space of your floor, and that it makes you feel comfortable. Also, a unique style expresses a lot of personality, so have that in mind.

Choose whatever makes you feel truly identified with. Any style you choose has the purpose of telling a story, and express harmony, according to your tastes. Allow for everything to be functional according to your needs, and make sure the style you choose is perfect for your space, and your well being.

Remember to follow each one of these steps to make sure that you have an easier time choosing your new, perfect style – the renovation of your floor deserves it! Take your time following these steps without rushing, and let your tastes and preferences come forward.

So, are you ready to choose a new style for the renovation of your floor?


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