How to decorate your home so it never gets old fashioned

Decorating your home is undoubtedly an art and we want that the style we used never gets old, learn that decoration stand the test of time.

When decorating our home there are many trends that inspire us to take risk and goes for eccentric alternatives.

However, there is no need to renew the entire place every season and change everything, since it is possible to adapt.

Learn the tricks to remodel a room so that it can be complemented with accessories and small furniture for easily to renew your style.

Subtly adapting to styles changes is a way to demonstrate your own style and maintain the essence of your home.

How can we decorate our home easily between seasons?


1. White is your best friend

White and its resemblances are neutral colors so they are excellent when we are decorating our home.

The clear tones work to establish a base that will act as a canvas and allow us to create the style we want.

Additionally they are pleasing to the eyes as they not cause fatigue and make the spaces feel wider.


2. The Wood cannot be missing

Aiming for wooden furniture is a great strategy, to decorate your home you can use wood with neutral colors

Stay away from the outdated colors of wood like those of oak because they are too obsolete. It´s better to opt for walnut furniture that has been shown to adapt over the years.

Look for minimalist or technical finishes to get the most out of your wooden furniture

How to decorate your home so it never gets old fashioned


3. Live the trends in a limited way

With an established neutral color base, you can add decorative pieces that transform the place following the latest trends.

Sin embargo, recuerda que nada en exceso es bueno y debes incorporar el nuevo estilo con sutileza y estudiando bien el aspecto que va a adquirir la habitación.

However, remember that nothing in excess is good and you should incorporate the new styles with subtlety and studying the aspect that will acquire the room

If you overload the room, the style will not be enjoyed, it will feel and excess that overwhelms the visitors. That’s why we must avoid surpassing ourselves when decorating the home.


4. The chimneys never expire

Es sumamente agradable usar una chimenea, sus diseños generalmente rústicos hacen un contraste en la habitación.

It is extremely pleasant to use a fireplace; its generally rustic designs make a contrast in the room.

Para decorar tu hogar, puedes aportar mucho romanticismo con una gran chimenea que puede ser adaptado fácilmente a las temporadas venideras.

To decorate your home you can bring a lot of romance with a large fireplace that can be easily adapted to the upcoming seasons.

How to decorate your home so it never gets old fashioned


5. Certain details never get old

Take advantage of the furniture that we know are still fashionable after years is necessary when decorating our homes.

The library in a Wall of the hall is a classic that can be adapted to any styles. It is better to keep it simple and color similar to the wall or with a soft contrast.


6. Use nature for your base

As a basis for your design it is convenient that you look for inspiration in nature and its colors

Use cream colors, stones or similar colors to the sand, an opaque browns and greens, they are excellent choices for your first renew.

How to decorate your home so it never gets old fashioned


7. Resist the temptations of the seasons

Social networks are a window to stunning designs that do not necessarily stand the test of time.

It is very important that we maintain awareness of our base decoration and how to adapt it without changing everything completely.

It is important that you look at the details that you can easily modify and not in drastic arrangelents.


Have you thought of these aspects before?

If you want to know more alternatives when it comes to decorate your space, we invite you to know these 7 questions that you should do before decorating your home.

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