If you want to renovate your kitchen in a short time, and you want the results to be perfect, you need to know how to plan the entire renovation process so that you don’t forget a single detail.

 Many times, renovation projects for spaces like kitchens can generate discomfort in your house, as well as unnecessary expenses. However, if you manage to plan everything correctly, your renovation will be a success.

A first step is to establish your real needs for the renovation. You can write a list of what you want to change, and what bothers you, about your old kitchen. Do a sketch of the distribution of your kitchen’s furniture and spaces, to make sure that everything will be organized in a practical and functional way.

On your sketch, distribute the respective areas in a way that facilitates your mobility within the kitchen, in order to avoid unnecessary movements that make you waste time. Have in mind how comfortable will the kitchen be to use, as well as the quality of the materials you will use for the renovation.

Afterwards, you need to plan things in the following way:

  1. Determine your budget. This will help you know how much will you be able to do, and not do, to your kitchen.
  2. Once you’ve established a design, you need to ask for various quotes / budgets, so you have several options to choose from.
  1. Inquire about the necessary permits you need to get, in order to make the renovation legal – that way you will have no issues with your neighbors. However, it will all depend on the magnitude of the renovation, and the rules of your community.
  1. Also have in mind the duration of the renovation, which can usually last between 10 and 15 days. Because of this, make sure you have at hand all the necessary materials before starting the renovation – that way you will avoid unnecessary delays.
  1. Always hire professionals with experience. At the time of renovating your kitchen, make sure that the person you hire…
  • Has good references
  • Is someone trustworthy
  • Guarantees solving any kind of issue related to the renovation, if any accident or setback occurs
  • And provides a secure and good quality service


 Make the most out of the renovation

 If you have already decided to renovate your kitchen, then make the most out of the entire job, and make sure you have a space without issues in the short term.

Substitute any old outlets, sinks and/or ceramic tiles with better materials that guarantee durability, functionality, comfort, and a modern design.

reforma cocina minimalista

Also be sure to improve the lightning of your kitchen if you can, whether by installing more light points, and/or installing a new window, and/or improving an existing window. Coat the kitchen walls, and improve the quality of the kitchen floor, in order to prevent dampness and the unnecessary concentration of heat by the stoves.

Think about storage

At the time of renovating your kitchen think about making the most out of the available spaces there. One way to do this is by installing cabinets (which could go up to the ceiling) to store food and utensils. Don’t leave spaces that can accumulate a lot of filth and/or grease. And for your comfort, make sure that that which you use regularly in your kitchen is installed at a comfortable height for you.

Don’t forget about installing an air extractor

 Never forget about having a good air extractor (like a hood extractor). This is a necessary tool to absorb the steam and smoke that is generated when cooking. Having an air extractor guarantees that stains and excess grease will not accumulate on the walls and furniture of the kitchen.

Appropriate colors, with personality

To guarantee that your kitchen ends up being perfect, you need to use appropriate colors for it. Go for clear colors that help the kitchen space feel bigger, like white, beige, or mellow gray – these colors will help the space keep more light, specially if it’s a small kitchen. However, be sure to add personality to your kitchen, by following whatever style that better adapts to your tastes.

reforma cocina en negro

We recommend you use strong colors if the kitchen is big, which combine with a much more clear tone.

Are you clear on how to plan your renovation? Then it’s time to renovate your kitchen without any headaches!

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