Do you want to renovate your bathroom, but you want it to have a special charm? Here we’ll show you 5 key elements to have in mind so you can be successful in doing this. 

Renovating a bathroom is a difficult endeavor, as you have to make the right decisions that will lead to your bathroom looking special, without forgetting to cover the basic and essential needs that this area of the house must satisfy. 

Have in mind that, beyond the style or trend that you choose for your bathroom, and good planning and organization for this job, you should consider the following key elements: 


1. Use coatings that offer amplitude 

Neutral-colored coatings, and big tiles, will help you in this area. Using the same kind of material on your floors and walls will also help you create a bigger sense of amplitude in your bathroom. 

The kind of coating you use, as well as its color, will help you gain a bigger sense of amplitude in your bathroom, which increases the charm and comfort that the place exudes. However, make sure that the coating you use, as well as its color, are of good quality. 


2. Prevent humidity 

It’s always important to prevent humidity in the bathroom, and in many instances, just having windows there is not enough. 

Because of that, if you don’t have an extractor fan with an non-return system which helps you control the humidity of your bathroom, then you should consider installing a “radiator tower rack”, which comes in different sizes and shapes, and can be adapted to any wall in the bathroom. 

If the bathroom renovation includes working the floor, you could consider installing “radiant flooring”, which will help you maintain the temperature of the space when you need it the most, and also adds additional comfort to the place. 


3. Good lighting 

A bathroom with charm should have good lighting without going overboard, and should make good use of the natural light that the space provides. 

You should provide lighting to the roof and the mirrors zone, especially if you have more than one mirror. Don’t forget about the lighting in the respective zones of the shower, bathtub, sink and toilet. 


4. Think about the mirror 

One of the elements that provides the most charm to a bathroom are mirrors, which is why you shouldn’t forget about them. Choose the mirror design that you want, but have in mind that simple molding mirrors look better in small bathrooms. That said, the bigger the mirror, the bigger the sense of amplitude it will provide. 


5. Faucets with style 

To give a different touch to your bathroom you can use a different kind and color of faucet. The most common faucets are chrome-coated, but you could be bold and consider trying out gold-coated, copper-coated or black faucets, as long as they combine well with the style you want for your renovation. 

There are also thermostatic faucets, which are ideal for the shower or bathtub zone, as they allow you to maintain the temperature of the water without burning yourself. 



If you want to have a bathroom with charm, then don’t forget about these 5 key elements! 

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