4 Ideas to renovate your kitchen with charm

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen to renew its image and still do not know where to start, here are the best ideas to achieve that excellent change you are looking for.

Reforming the kitchen of your home is an activity that must take into account different factors, including its facilities (electricity, water and gas), the floor, furniture, dimensions, space distribution, and so on.

In this occasion we will only take into account the image and the finish that you are looking for for your kitchen, since it is not only a matter of making it look good, but also of doing it with the charm and care that must be taken with this sacred area of the home.

4 Ideas to renovate your kitchen with charm

Next, we present you some advices to reform your kitchen, adding details and changing important aspects so that this reform achieves beautiful finished with the charm and the personality that we want to reflect in it:

1. Painting, the renewing element

It is possible to re-launch the tiles in your kitchen, without having to remove them, as the technology offered by epoxy paint, can renew any surface, giving it a new appearance.

This type of paint, has a special viscosity, which forms a thin plastic layer, which protects the surface where it is applied from very common external entities, such as moisture and heat, likewise changes its image, completely renewing it.

Using epoxy paint to reform your kitchen is an excellent idea, as it offers you an impeccable finish and a renewed image of existing walls or tiles.

2. Lighting and its renewing effect

The latest trends in interior design and decoration, lighting plays an indispensable role, as the light tones that are being used are highlighted much more when light is used on them, and kitchens do not escape from this.

4 Ideas to renovate your kitchen with charm

Applying lighting through small LED lights, which highlight the colors of the furniture and walls, will create a very pleasant and fresh atmosphere to the area, giving it a very elegant and modern appearance.

On the other hand, the indirect light gives the kitchen the sensation of two environments, which creates a charming environment, clean and simple in appearance, but at the same time aesthetic and elegant.

3. Coating worktops, walls or floors with microcement

To renovate the worktop and walls there are different options, which are a fundamental part of the image of the kitchen, with them it is possible to create contrasts that highlight the aesthetics and design of your furniture.

The microcement is an excellent option to reform the kitchen, since this material is very versatile and offers the freedom to work as a continuous pavement, without works, taking advantage of its finish to give a vintage touch to that area of the floor or house.

This material offers some special advantages that have made it one of the most used in reforms for kitchens, is also very attractive, and has a wide range of colors that can be combined with virtually any tone.

4. Furniture and colour combinations, the latest trends

The furniture contributes to the image of every kitchen the elegance and great part of its beauty, this element defines the style of it, therefore it is perhaps the most important factor and the one that greater care you must have when you prepare to reform your kitchen.

4 Ideas to renovate your kitchen with charm

Current trends are inclined to make combinations of 2 colors between the parts of the furniture, creating a style that combines minimalist details with a modern and elegant image, which gives the kitchen an aesthetic very pleasant to the eye.

A kitchen with two colours of furniture, such as white at the bottom and dark grey at the top, with a floor covered with light brown microcement, creates a pleasant and elegant atmosphere.

As you can see, it is not difficult to reform the kitchen of your home, simply follow some tips and know certain details that will help you get the design you are looking for so important area.

Do you have any idea how to reform your kitchen? Do you have any other idea to achieve a dream kitchen, tell us in the comments and we will include it in the post!

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