If you have a small bathroom we recommend you take as much advantage as possible of the available space in it, so that it looks pretty and keeps a nice style.

The aim is to renovate your bathroom following certain criteria. For instance, you need to always have in mind the square meters you have available to adapt each element, and make the most out of your available space.

Even if you don’t believe it, having a small bathroom has its advantages. It’s important to always consider its functionality, and taking advantage of certain elements and lighting to gain much more spaciousness. Remember that the bathrooms are for cleaning oneself, but these should also be easy to clean and maintain.

Also have in mind that the pieces of the bathroom, as well as the colors, are the elements that will lead to determining the final style of the bathroom, but under the premise that the space should be modern and practical in any style you end up choosing.

Up next we will present to you 10 ideas for renovating and decorating small bathrooms, and not fail trying!

1.- Get rid of the bathtub

If your small bathroom has a bathtub you should consider getting rid of it – the space it occupies could be too much, and you most likely never use it anyways. We recommend you substitute the bathtub for a shower, which requires less space and is much more practical – that way you will have more room to move, and will notice that the space is more comfortable to use.

shower in the bathroom

Glass screens are very popular for closing up the shower zone. Some screens leave open an end so that you can go in and out of the shower with more ease, and others implement sliding screens, or have hinged doors.

These screens can be translucent or have some decorative elements – what’s important is to adapt them to the available space you have.

ducha en baño

2.- Choose furniture for your bathroom that is either white, or very light in color

If overall (although not in its entirety) the color of your bathroom is either white, or light in color, it will give a higher sense of spaciousness. Thus, it’s a good idea to get white or light-colored furniture for your bathroom. Also, make sure your furniture is of the proper size, because if your furniture is too big (or too dark), it will not look very good, and will reduce your available space.

If you have a bidet in your bathroom, and you almost never use it, we suggest that you get rid of it – you will gain additional space to place another piece of furniture, or to change the location of your shower or sink. If you don’t want to renounce completely to using a bidet, nowadays you can get portable bidets or adapt special connections in your toilet that can work as a bidet.

3.- Custom-made furniture

Having your furniture custom-made for your bathroom will make sure that it adapts to the exact amount of space that you have available, and will also help you gain space to store more stuff. For instance, installing your sink over a piece of furniture will give you additional storage space, and such setups are also very modern and pretty.

4.- Not everything can be white

Having the entirety of your bathroom white is not a very good idea – we suggest also using pastel colors, neutral colors, and earth colors, that can complement the furniture and accessories of your bathroom. This way they will provide more light and color, and the space of your bathroom will also look bigger.

5.- The lighting of the bathroom

The lighting of the bathroom is very important, specially when the space is small. The lighting should be relaxing, and always provide a bigger presence in the mirror area.

A different detail could be having hanging lamps in the bathroom, which can provide more light as well as serve as complementary decoration.

6.- A radiator / towel rack (two in one)

Having a radiator / towel rack combo is an excellent alternative when we have a reduced space in the bathroom. This is a very practical way of heating up your bathroom, and have your towels dry and available. We can find radiator / towel rack combos in different sizes and designs.

7.- Installing big, frame-less mirrors

Frame-less mirrors reflect light and increase the sense of spaciousness in small spaces. If you can’t install frame-less mirrors on your bathroom walls, you could consider installing short-length cabinets with mirrors in the back.

8.- Different coatings and textures

These provide an additional dynamism to the bathroom. You could use these in stripes, or in the shower zone.

9.- The style of your bathroom fittings

Choose the style of bathroom fittings that better adapt to your bathroom: Minimalist, classic, modern, vintage, etc.

bathroom fittings

10.- Sliding doors

Sliding doors for the entrance to the bathroom can help you gain even more space. There are several models and designs available in the market.

Follow these ideas, and the end result of the renovation and decoration of your small bathroom will be perfect!

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