What are industrial enclosures?, their advantages, the materials used in them, what are their costs?, we show you everything you need to know about them.

The industrial enclosures are an excellent alternative to give a new appearance to your home, if you seek to give a radical change to your home and at the same time improve its image, making this type of reform is the ideal option.

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These divisions of crystal, allow you to delimit stays inside the home without losing the sensation of space and increasing the natural illumination inside, in addition it creates a very modern atmosphere of great aesthetics, which is very easy to match.

What are its advantages?

This type of glass enclosure improves the exterior and interior appearance of the home, which is a series of characteristics and advantages that make these reforms much in demand today:

– They represent one of the last tendencies as far as reforms for houses and flats, they are characterized to change drastically the appearance of your home, giving it a totally different atmosphere to the same one, creating a much more open and cosy environment.

– The industrial enclosures offer a sensation of amplitude and delimit the spaces at the same time, which turns them into a very attractive option to give your house a modern and cosy atmosphere.

– This type of enclosures, besides being very aesthetic, define at the same time a minimalist style whose concept combines an open and closed design, this is because its construction is usually in metal with glass panels.

– If used outdoors, during the day, natural lighting is a fundamental part of its design, being this its main feature, which changes at night to become an excellent night viewpoint.

What materials are used in industrial style enclosures?

Nowadays this type of enclosures are built with reinforced glass panels, whose transparency will depend on your preferences, suspended with metal profiles (iron, steel, aluminum, etc.).

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This construction not only guarantees a structure of great resistance and durability, but also gives design freedom, in which it is possible to combine minimalist details with modern trends, resulting in a dreamlike enclosure.

What is its approximate cost​?

The average cost per square meter of this structure made of glass and iron profiles is approximately 350 euros, which makes it one of the least expensive trend reforms today.

Do they work for all types of homes?

The answer is yes, this type of transparent walls are used to make special delimitations in all types of homes, either for strictly aesthetic reasons or for any other reason, how to isolate a room from odors or audios without limiting the vision to it.

Who can make industrial enclosures of this type?

A company that in addition to having qualified personnel to ensure optimal construction of the enclosure, also has an interior designer or architect who can give you the necessary advice so that the design is consistent with your preferences and style of your home.

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The industrial enclosures offer many advantages in terms of aesthetics and utility is concerned, also their construction costs are not as high as other types of reforms.

These glass enclosures can be made in any room of the house, living room, kitchen and even in the bathroom, as well as outdoors, such as the patio, entrance or terraces.  If you decide to do so in your home, where would you place an industrial enclosure?