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Specialists in integral remodeling

With the right professionals, integral remodeling of a property in Barcelona may be a lot less intimidating than it seems. By contracting VB Reformes Integrals, you are guaranteed high-quality works and a professional approach to meet your lifestyle and needs.


Apartments, houses, attics and lofts

Remodelling your dwelling is an important step towards higher comfort and quality of living. A design project executed by professionals enables a higher quality transformation for a more demanding customer.

Satisfied customers and perfectly executed works are the best testimony to our 10-year commitment to the house remodeling business, and nothing advertises our services better than our reputation.

Create the home of your dreams with our full support, commitment and guarantee that you will be satisfied.

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Apartments, houses, attics and lofts

Commercial spaces and offices

Remodeling your commercial space or office can give a fresh boost to your business. We understand that stakes are high, so we will provide you with highly qualified specialists, who will meticulously take care of every detail of your remodeling project.

We will maintain a transparent dialogue at every moment and focus on adhering to the initial budget and avoiding hidden extras and misunderstanding.
The best proof of our committed service and passion for perfection is the positive feedback from our customers, who come back to us with new projects.

Contact us and we will give you a price quote free of charge at no obligation.

Commercial spaces and offices

Planning and construction processes

  1. Planning and construction processes
    We will accompany you throughout the entire process - from project development to building works. We can guarantee that by working as a team we will bring to life the transformation you really wish for. Good communication helps us to live up and top the customer's expectations in any type of integral remodeling project.
  2. I+D
    Being professionals in integral remodeling, in VB Reformes Integrals our goal is to add value to each project through our creativity, smart design, practical thinking and innovations so we can fully unravel the potential of each space.
  3. Professional expertise
    Throughout the entire remodelling process our customer has our full support and commitment. They can trust us, you can trust us. We can provide you with the professional expertise of our seasoned engineering technicians who will supervise the whole process to ensure the best quality of works within the established time frame.
  4. Personalized approach
    Based in Barcelona, VB Reformes Integrals offers a committed, creative and 100% custom approach to design and implementation of integral remodeling projects for our customers, both in the residential and the comercial/office segments. We can also offer you vanguard interior design to create swoon-worthy spaces adapted to your needs and desires.
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