Have you ever walked into a restaurant and its image made you walk out without even ordering anything? It’s not just you, many other people feel the same way. The reason behind that is the emotional connection that exists between environment and hunger.

Restaurants are places where people go to enjoy not only good food, but also comfort and the environment the restaurant offers, a certain level of privacy and quiet people seek out at times.

This is where interior design starts playing a very important role in restaurants in Barcelona. Mixing function, aesthetics, and comfort can be a somewhat difficult task.

That’s why we want to show you the most important pieces of advice about interior design for restaurants in Barcelona:

1.- Understanding the venue and its theme

It’s the premise when it comes to getting ideas about how to apply interior design to a restaurant in Barcelona, speaking to the owner and finding out what they want, Meeting the chef and knowing the place’s specialties is very important to have ideas about decor.

Keep in mind if the place serves Asian food the decor will be very different than it would be if it was Mediterranean, the colours and designs won’t be the same, and neither will be the environment.

2.- Aesthetics and function

It’s a difficult but necessary combination, the aesthetics of a restaurant in Barcelona is usually the most important point when it comes to the clients’ enjoyment.

However, the space when it comes to serving the food, the location of the toilets, the entry and exit doors, the bar access, etc. make fuction more important, as the client’s comfort is also essential.

3.- Furniture

It’s the basis of interior design in restaurants, and it represents the largest percentage of clients’ comfort and enjoyment. It’s important for the furniture to goa long with the theme, the food and the environment of Barcelona.
decoracion restaurante

Having furniture based on the theme of the place but which is also comfortable is essential. If the restaurant has a youthful atmosphere, furniture in bright colours and large sizes will look great.

However, if the restaurant’s theme is more formal, wooden furniture in dark and elegant colours will give the environment an air of class.

4.- Lighting

Lighting is very important for interior design, as dim white lights give the environment a Touch of intimacy making it more elegant and subtle.

When we use lighter warm lights, we give the restaurant’s style a strong and lively environment, ideal for reunions, engagement parties or graduations.

Details such as ceiling lamps above the tables or a medium lighting in the corners represents an antique minimalism, as do candles on centerpieces.

5.- Walls

The surfaces of the walls are the elements which are the most visible during a visit to restaurants in Barcelona, that’s why they must be painted in subtle and visually appealing colours which combine with the furniture.

restaurante diseño interiorismo

If you’re looking for more elegance, hanging art from the walls is a good option. Paintings which fit the style and the restaurant’s specialty will give it a better and more enjoyable family atmosphere.

6.- Creating divisions

Dividing the restaurant in several areas gives the place a great versatility, where you also have the freedom to choose different interior design details according to the atmosphere of each division.

Said divisions can help create more intimate areas, ideal for families, as well as more open ones, especially made for business meetings.

Interior decorating in restaurants in Barcelona is almost as important as the food, as a nice and quiet atmosphere invites us to better enjoy a dinner or a family reunion.