If you’re the owner of a house and you’re thinking about renovating its interior, you must keep in mind that both its architecture and its construction type are partially different from a flat. Thus, budgets, execution times and tasks are different.

Interior renovations of houses have important differences, which can even affect the total cost. However, they’re necessary to change or improve the image and state of your home.

The following are the main differences you can find between a flat and your house, and the possible renovations they may need:

1.- Stairs

Unlike most flats, stairs are present in many houses. As well as being a way to climb one or more levels, they also represent part of the beauty of a home. They’re even a symbol of modernist architecture and their designs bring a great part of the aesthetic of the environment.

As for renovations, stairs are an element which supports heavy use, so it’s ideal to choose materials which are durable and don’t need much maintenance. In this case granite is a good option, as it’s also very aesthetically pleasing and its tones can be combined.

2.- Terraces

They’re bigger than in flats and they’re a part of the most solicited interior renovations. They’re characterised by having large windows and metal frames with minimalist figures. They count with a large space which is usually adorned with furniture with modernist touches, built in metal.

This space usually needs general maintenance. Renovations in it must include new siding for the walls as well as paint. Retouching the frames and the hydraulic pavements on the floor, which suffer damage due to sun and rain.

3.- Garden

Flats have it as a shared space, however, houses usually have one. They represent a green and open space, so they’re very important and special.

Renovations of this element are usually done by substituting the plants and redistributing its space, aiming to maintain and improve its aesthetic and ambience.

4.- Entrance

This element represents the image of the house, but it’s also a fundamental part of the interior. In houses in Barcelona, they’re characterised by very elegant designs coming from the modernism from the beginning of the 20th Century.

Since it’s your home’s façade, this part of the house must always look impeccable, in some cases, external elements such as the rain and sun cause a deterioration which damage its aesthetic.

If you decide to do interior renovations in your house, renovating the walls of the entrance will be a necessary activity, and it can include the paint and lining of it. In the same way, it is mandatory to retouch the minimalist details that adorn the entrance, without damaging its essence.

In its interior wooden frames are present in most cases. Retouching their surface to bring back its sheen, as well as replacing parts which have been more abused.

5.- Swimming pool

In some special cases, the building where a flat is located can have one, which is shared. However, houses include one in their back garden as one of its characteristics and options.

The swimming pool is one of the details which make houses more comfortable than flats. However, this element very frequently needs maintenance. Doing maintenance to the ceramic pavements of its walls and floor.

The good state of the swimming pool gives the house an extra aesthetic, turning it into a place to let loose and rest as well as being an element which gives elegance to your home.

Advice, needed to do interior renovations

Interior renovations of houses offer many options, which have a tendency to confuse and produce very high budgets which make execution more difficult. You must count on professional advice to orient you, and hire a qualified company which guarantees excellent results, this way you will be able to save time and money.

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